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8×8 has announced it has been selected by Vacasa as the provider of choice for its global contact centres.

8×8 Contact Center provides support for Vacasa homeowners, guests and agents, including omnichannel support and call analytics.

“We think of ourselves first as a tech company, so in the early days our approach to phone systems and customer service was naturally, ‘let’s just build it ourselves,” said Nathan Tomlinson, Director of Customer Experience at Vacasa.

“As the business started to take off and we continued to expand, we couldn’t support the sheer volume of calls and requests we were receiving – it wasn’t scalable. When you’re managing something as important as a home, it’s priority one for us that there’s always someone available to take a call. 8×8 has helped us achieve a 90-95 percent answer rate, and we’re able to do so with less effort and greater accuracy, so there isn’t as much of a burden on agents.”

With Vacasa’s people-first approach to customer experience, it needed a contact centre system that gave the reins to customers, so they could engage with the company in their preferred channel.

“Through the deployment, what really impressed us was the speech analytics capabilities. We’re able to get granular with call assessments and quality management, even mapping them to specific geographic locations,” added Tomlinson.

“For example, if there’s been repeated reports of power outages within a certain area leading to negative customer feedback, that’s vital context we can flag and share with agents. With speech analytics overall, the team leads love it, agents love it – it has revolutionized the way we coach our teams in real time.”

8×8 Contact Center offers businesses a scalable, analytics-driven, omnichannel solution backed by outstanding voice quality and a 99.99% uptime SLA.

Gleaning actionable insights from phone calls, chat, text and other channels, businesses like Vacasa can maintain digital agility to ensure their CX-minded customers have the freedom to interact on their channel of choice.

“Creating brand advocacy, and ultimately customers for life, hinges on delivering consistently exceptional experiences,” said Janice Rapp, VP of Product Marketing for Contact Center at 8×8.

“Showing up for customers in the channels they prefer, while offering a deeply human experience, is a powerful differentiator. Vacasa has routinely demonstrated their commitment to customer-centricity, and we’re thrilled to be supporting them as they continue their growth trajectory.”

Visit 8×8 to learn more about its leading contact centre solutions: www.8×

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 18th Oct 2019 - Last modified: 23rd Oct 2019
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