7 Safe Ways to Reduce Wait Times and Abandoned Calls

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Ken Reid of Rostrvm Solutions shares seven ways that you can use technology to reduce wait times and abandoned calls.

1. Keep inbound call centre customers informed with an intelligent queuing system, that utilizes business information to deliver personalized messages via interactive voice response (IVR).

2. Use inbound call handling to provide links to your website and webchat, so that customers can channel shift and self-serve.

3. Provide a callback facility to customers, or allow them to hang up but maintain their place in the queue, to transform a ‘waiting customer’ situation into one where they have choices and feel looked after.

4. Use an automatic call distribution with intelligent contact routing, to ensure your customers get served by the most appropriate advisor to help them.

5. Have confident and empowered staff. Not only is the rostrvm platform easy to use but it has scripting and desktop optimization tools which can be personalized and modified.

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Ken Reid

6. Use call and screen recording to listen to/see interactions for staff training and compliance purposes.

7. View real-time and historical reports to measure success. You can generate management information and make informed changes to operations like blending staff and switching them to other tasks, to smooth out peaks and troughs in traffic volumes.

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Published On: 8th Oct 2019
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