Webinar: 10 Ways to Improve Customer Experience

Tuesday 28th March 2017 at 10.30 am UK time

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In this webinar we will be looking at different ways to improve the customer experience. From quick wins, to deeper structural changes we will be looking at ways to improve the experience that our customers receive.


  • Morris Pentel – Customer Experience Foundation
  • Richard Farrell – Netcall
  • Jonty Pearce – Call Centre Helper

Topics to be discussed

  • The best ways to measure customer experience
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Building a culture of continuous improvement
  • Reducing queueing time
  • First Contact Resolution – Driving down repeat contacts
  • Quick wins
  • Using technology to improve the customer experience
  • Hint and tips from the audience

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This webinar is brought to you by Call Centre Helper and is sponsored by Netcall

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This webinar is held at 10.30 am UK time, 11.30 am in Paris, 11.30 am in South Africa and 5.30 am in New York. A replay facility will also be available.

If you are attending one of our webinars for the first time, we suggest you arrive 10 minutes early to allow for the software to download successfully.

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