Recorded Webinar: Building A Culture Of Continuous Improvement


The contact centre often has to deal with issues that are caused by the rest of the business. Problems don’t get fixed, root causes don’t get analysed and customers get frustrated.

But if you can build a culture of continuous improvement you can fix the drivers of many of these issues. This will help improve customer satisfaction, improve First Contact Resolution and generally make the contact centre a better place to work.

Topics Discussed

  • Failure demand
  • Root cause analysis
  • Closing the loop on fixing issues
  • Getting buy in from the rest of the company
  • Making time to fix or improve what isn’t working
  • Process Automation Software


Justin Robbins - Headshot
Justin Robbins

Jennie Corner - Headshot
Jennie Corner
Assurant Solutions

Jonty Pearce - Headshot
Jonty Pearce
Call Centre Helper

Author: Rachael Trickey

Published On: 12th Jan 2017 - Last modified: 28th Feb 2023
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