What Is Conversation Intelligence (CI)?

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What Is Conversation Intelligence?

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, conversation intelligence analyses every customer interaction, the emotions behind it, and how they influence customers’ behaviour.

Conversation intelligence can create transcripts of social media customer service interactions, chatbot conversations, and phone conversations, then analyse that data for the presence (or absence) of certain keywords, the meaning of the customers’ words, and the sentiment and emotion behind them.

This information reveals what your customers value most and where you’re falling short of meeting their expectations.

Every conversation is monitored, including audio-based interactions like phone calls as well as text-based communications through email, chat, SMS, and social media.

By converting unstructured data from these conversations into structured data, conversation intelligence allows categorization, tagging, scoring, and analysis.

For instance, a platform automatically identifies keywords and phrases and combines that data with variables such as word tempo, periods of silence and when they occur, agitation signals, and topic mapping.

The results of this process provide a wealth of information about agent performance, omnichannel contact centre performance, and customer satisfaction as well as actionable intelligence to drive outcomes.

Automated scoring, for example, can be used to measure factors such as compliance risk and customer satisfaction, while real-time guidance can help agents get conversations back on track.

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For more on this, watch Frank Sherlock define conversation analytics in this video.

Published On: 12th May 2023
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