While many skills can be learnt, there are certain attributes that top contact centre agents instinctively have. Have you got what it takes to work in contact centre customer service?

7 Essential Instincts You Need…

Good Listener

People who are natural listeners do well in the contact centre industry. They have a great instinct for discerning what the customer needs or what they really want.

Actively listening is a skill that requires focus and patience, plus insight into what the tone of a person’s voice might indicate. This is extremely useful in creating a rapport with customers and engaging with them.

Analytical Thinker

Problem solving is at the heart of the contact centre, so agents who are analytical thinkers do well. With so many customer service channels available, the trend is that people call through when they have more complex queries which require analytical thinking and creativity to resolve.

Good agents are able to draw on their resources, knowledge and experience to find solutions that will satisfy customers.

Positive Personality

A cheerful voice on the line can make all the difference, and someone who is a naturally positive person is a great asset to the contact centre.

Positive people infuse a positive energy into calls that wins over customers more easily. Plus they have the ability to see the best in situations, even when they prove to be challenging.

Natural Communicator

Being able to clearly articulate complex explanations is very valuable in the contact centre. Customers expect clear answers and want to know how the company plans to resolve their issue.

Remember, callers get frustrated when answers are vague or communication isn’t clear, so someone who can communicate well gives customers the confidence that they will be able to get their problem resolved.


Some days working in a contact centre can be draining, especially if you are fielding numerous calls from angry or frustrated customers.

A resilient personality is able to look past the frustration and know that despite how they feel, they have made a difference in people’s lives by helping them. They also know that they have also made a positive contribution to the company and that the next day will be a new day. They don’t get bogged down in the drama of situations.


Today’s contact centre agents need to be skilled in helping customers across multiple customer service channels, which means that multi-tasking is an important skill to have.

Additionally, when answering calls, agents need to be able to capture customer information, access resources and communicate with other departments all while conversing with the customer. It takes a good multi-tasker to do this efficiently.

Empathetic Nature

This is probably one of the most important characteristics of a good contact centre agent because it carries the most weight in connecting with customers and defusing angry situations.

People who are naturally empathetic do well in the contact centre environment because they have a genuine desire to help people and this comes across in the way they communicate.

Relationship Focus

The trend in customer service is moving more towards engaging with customers and creating better customer experiences. At the heart of this is building genuine relationships with customers.

Customer expectations are changing as new generations enter the marketplace. As a result, the role of customer service agents is changing too.

Anything Else?

Customers have a great deal of information available to them and they often reference peers when looking for answer to problems. This means that when they do contact a company it is because they couldn’t find the answers elsewhere and expect the customer service agents to be even more knowledgeable. Agents need to be smarter and on the ball in terms of keeping their knowledge current.

Customers expect greater personalisation, with custom solutions to their queries. This will require more astute listening and creative problem resolution on the part of customer service agents. Customer data integration will play an important role in helping to facilitate personalisation and agents will need to know how to access the information and use it to create a better customer experience for callers.

There are also integrations with digital advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning coming to contact centres to help improve efficiency. Those that are tech minded may have an important role to play in implementation and integration of systems.

The contact centre is becoming a very important and interesting industry to be involved in and there are many opportunities for people who have the right skills to make a positive contribution. Are you one of those who will make an impact on the changing face of customer service?