Why Scorecards Are a Quality Assurance Manager’s Secret Sauce


If you are responsible for quality assurance for call centre customer engagements, you are always under pressure to deliver results.

The critical factor in call centre QA is still the human element, your agents. Scorecards give you the data that tells you all you need to know about call centre agent performance.

Scorecards provide the ideal dashboard arrangement of metrics to track, train and develop the assets that are most directly connected and responsible for customer experience, your inbound and multichannel agents.

Put Your Agents on Target

There are several reasons that scorecards are the secret sauce for QA managers. For instance, scorecards provide all of the metrics to measure the performance levels of your agents in one place; they help you see where small changes can lead to significant call centre performance improvements.

Call centre agents still resolve 63 percent of incoming customer complaints in telephone-based interactions. When your agents are well trained and confident, customers hear it and respond more positively; your call centre will achieve satisfactory resolutions more consistently.

Here is where a modular scorecard system for call centre QA data management and scoring, like Scorebuddy, comes in. The application works entirely online and gives you all of the scorecard information you need to monitor and improve call centre agent performance.

Move Beyond Homemade Solutions

If you rely on spreadsheets as ad hoc scorecards, a dedicated quality scoring application will be a refreshing change for you, your supervisors, and the agents whose work you monitor. You can design a spreadsheet-based scorecard system easily enough to get 80 percent of the data management functionality.

However, as with most information systems, it takes much more work to capture that last 20 percent of the business intelligence hidden within the data. So a system with the framework of QA management dashboard and analytics panels extends what your call centre can achieve.

Better Data Management Means Better Outcomes for Everyone

You can only track the things that you measure. As a matter of business discipline, managers monitor a broad range of metrics and focus on the key performance indicators. In busy call centres, supervisors and team leaders do 79 percent of the agent performance scoring.

Quality assurance supervisors rely on scorecards to track the key performance indicators to track call centre agents. Empower your people in leadership roles as evaluators by giving them the tools to monitor and manage productivity.

Finding the optimum performance and nurturing a strong sense of engagement for your agents are some of the quickest ways to increase your ROI and the value you deliver to your clients.

Also, by using a scorecard application like Scorebuddy, you can apply the lessons already learned within the industry to find the solutions that work best for your call centres. Scorecard metrics give you the precise feedback to make the changes that return the greatest results for the human side of your contact centre operations.

Collaborate With Your Agents and the Engagement Multiplier

Some scorecard applications will reduce your reliance on manual data management, radically improve quality management, and accelerate the scoring process so that you can collaborate with your agents to enhance their performance in near real time.

Call centre agents who feel good about their occupations are happier and more productive. When you measure where the performance levels of your agents are compared to where you need them to be, you can help your employees reach those goals through collaborative coaching and by rewarding their performance improvements.

Use scorecards to put your agents at the centre of quality in all interactions and customer service tickets. Set up scorecards to work in real time and they can give live analytics visualisations and feedback so that managers and agents can see how to do the best work.

Data from Scorebuddy’s application will show you where to deploy agents to apply their talents most effectively, and to track their progress and growth transparently. Happy employees tend to stay put and that reduces the overhead costs of recruiting and training candidates as replacements.

Scorecards Make Outsourcing Service Quality Consistent

If you are responsible for call centre QA at a business process outsourcing service, you juggle the accounts for multiple clients, while keeping them separate. As an outsourcing vendor, you already know that you live and die by your reputation.

Dick Bourke

To survive, you must have the best data insights and growth opportunities for all of them. You need to manage your agents in ways that maximise the efficiency for your company and offer the most competitive proposition for your clients.

As an outsourced services provider for call centres you need to keep your scorecards in order and grouped with the correct accounts. At the same time, your service must include the capability to manage compliance issues and to alert supervisors of any potential violations.

Find out more by visiting scorebuddyqa.com

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 23rd May 2017 - Last modified: 25th Feb 2022
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