10 Examples of YouTube for Self-Service

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Looking to improve self-service? Here are 10 examples of how other companies are doing self-service with YouTube.

1. Tesco

While they do feature adverts, Tesco’s channel features videos explaining how their Tesco products work. Like this “How to connect hudl2 to a TV” video.

2. The Royal Bank of Scotland

The Royal Bank of Scotland has videos to help customers handle their own digital banking transaction queries For example, “Forgotten Log In Details for Digital Banking”.

Here is their step-by-step guide:

3. PayPal

PayPal has a modern, informative YouTube channel, with a useful “how to” section.

It has many videos, including “PayPal How-To: Add a Gift Card to Your PayPal App”.

4. Google

Google have a number of informative (if a little dated) “How to” videos, including “How to change your email address “.

This not only informs you how to make the change, but also provides handy tips like how to forward your old emails to your new account.

5. Adobe

“Adobe Community Forums: Private Messages” explains how their forum and private messages work. It also explains how to contact Adobe online and fix a problem.

6. BT

BT has a range of self-service channels filled with videos like this one about “Getting started with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini on BT Mobile” on “BTCare”.

7. Singer

Singer is a sewing company. It has tutorials on YouTube on how to use each sewing machine. It also explains possible problems and how to solve them.

“SINGER PIXIE PLUS Bobbin Insertion Tutorial” explains bobbin insertion for the Pixie Plus sewing machine.

8. Trend

Trend is a routing brand. Their video “How to Sharpen a Router Bit With the Trend Diamond Sharpening Credit Card Stone” also explains the key differences between themselves and their competitors.

9. Worcester

Domestic heating appliance manufacturer Worcester has a series of YouTube videos showing how to perform a range of maintenance tasks, including “How to remove the Greenstar i boiler casing”.

This a quick video filmed by a camera phone, proving that creating useful content doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

10. Fellowes Air Purifiers

Changing a Fellowes Air Purifier is more complicated than you’d think. Luckily, there is a visual how-to guide on YouTube.

What has been your experience of YouTube self-service? What features have you found most useful?

With thanks to Nicholas Alexander, a researcher for Call Centre Helper

Published On: 21st Oct 2015 - Last modified: 17th Oct 2022
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