20 Call Centre Contest Ideas for Boosting Morale

Different types of board games and its' components
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While most of us like our jobs at contact centres, the days can rapidly become routine! Fortunately, there are many entertaining games we may play to mix up the routine. This guide includes 20 call centre contest ideas to help boost morale in your call centre.

Why Should We Play Call Centre Games?

Games are not simply for fun! Playing at work has many outstanding advantages, particularly for call centre employees.

Call centre employees may enjoy these customer service contest ideas since they improve the workplace atmosphere.

Many workplace games enhance worker performance. Additionally, you may quickly modify these games’ objectives to correspond to key performance indicators of your company.

It needs cooperation and coordination to win the games. Therefore, the call centre games can help you improve worker connections.

These call centre contest ideas are ideal for bonding with coworkers and promoting relaxation while enhancing productivity.

The Best Call Centre Contest Ideas for Everyone

Many of these call centre contest ideas can bring back memories from your childhood. Most of them are favorite games with a call centre twist.

You may modify them to meet the culture of your business, office environment, and performance objectives.

Depending on the abovementioned factors, customizing these call centre contest ideas leads to more participation and better outcomes.

1. Battleship

Create a prize board with items like a 5-minute break, a candy bar, USD 10 bills, etc. Additionally, it would be best if you had ships to stand in for each team.

An associate gets to select a space each time they reach a metric. The objective is to attempt to sink other ships to win rewards.

2. Bingo Game

A bingo board with some squares is given to each support team member. Players mark off squares on their boards depending on what happens at the call centre.

You may add KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to call centre bingo boards to achieve the most outstanding results.

Everyone marks five squares in a row and shouts “Bingo”! The winner is the first person to get there and call bingo.

3. Box It Up

The customer service leader draws almost 200 dots on a whiteboard in the office.

The team support members draw a single straight line from one dot to a neighboring dot to create a box as they meet KPIs.

A team identifies a box as their own by marking it; the team with the most boxes is the winner.

4. Bubble Game

When an agent earns the opportunity to participate, they blow a bubble and are required to assist it in floating as far as they can down the carpet track by blowing on it.

They place their team’s marker when the bubble touches the ground. From where they left off, the next team member begins.

5. Create the Office Mascot

Each team receives a mini whiteboard, and each eligible team member on the board adds a feature to the mascot.

They might include a head, an eye, a cap, etc. People that are artistic and imaginative can excel in this game.

The customer service leader or someone outside the call centre selects the best daily mascot.

6. Eye Spy Game

An easy call centre game is what it is. It is both straightforward and amusing! The manager discovers something they can see in the office in this game.

Every time they attain a KPI after setting their aim, the players alternate making guesses.

When you need to motivate agents, this call centre game is ideal. Or if you want to alter the environment at work and get employees more involved.

7. Find the Joker Card

First place a full deck of cards, including the joker, taped to a whiteboard, face down.

Call centre agents should sign their names on a card whenever they achieve a KPI or objective.

Pull each card down one at a time when the agents have completed signing all of them. The prize for the day goes to whoever got the joker.

8. Guess the Room Temperature

Before the game begins, the leader checks the temperature to ensure they are prepared.

When it is their turn, the agents ask the supervisor to guess the current outdoor temperature.

The agent discovers if their guess was accurate or not. The following eligible turn gives them another chance to guess. The winner receives the day’s award.

9. Hangmen Game

For playing this game, the leader first sets up the board, then chooses a term or phrase.

The players can guess the word or phrase after it has been put up. By meeting KPIs, call centre representatives can earn guesses.

Consider some of these call centre contest ideas, including this one, as team-building activities. Call centre employees can be split into two groups to do it.

10. Horse Racing in the Office

The leader designs the office like a racing course. It is even better if the office floor is tiled.

Every tile turns into a space. Managers can create the track using tape or other office supplies if they do not.

Give every agent or support team a horse to represent their development. For example, it might be a stuffed animal or even a stapler!

Every time a teammate is qualified, they get to roll the dice and advance their horse by the number of squares they obtain. The first team to cross the finish line wins.

11. Human Board Game

The leader designates the carpet tiles with the various board game spaces before the start of a shift.

They may list things like “lose a turn,” “move back three spaces,” “change places,” “roll again,” etc. Players should then design their game pieces.

When everything is ready, it is time to play. Have them roll the dice whenever a call centre agent achieves a target or closes a deal.

The agents can see where everyone else is and what they need to do to win, making this game interactive.

12. Jeopardy

The customer service leader divides the agents into three teams and sets up a dry-erase board in the shape of a Jeopardy board.

They also create the questions for each category. The categories may include the following suggestions:

  • The company’s history,
  • The business-related difficulties,
  • The programs that supervisors oversee.

They all stand when one person from each side is qualified to answer the question. Correct responses result in points. However, the team loses points for incorrect responses.

13. Office Sports Event

Setting up a sporting event may be as simple as hanging a miniature nerf basketball hoop, placing a green mat on the floor with a foam ball, or mounting a dartboard in the workplace.

Call centre agents always like taking a break from the phone. So they can leave their booth and participate in the game after they reach a KPI or a monitoring score.

The leader can even give the winner a tiny prize, including some free time, lunch with the CEO, or a book.

14. Pass It to Next

It would be best if you had a trophy for this call centre game. It might be a ball, toy animal, or even a chair from the office.

Every player that achieves a sale or meets a KPI becomes the temporary winner or owner of that trophy.

Remember that you can reward the owner either once after the shift or once every hour. The call centre culture determines the most effective approach.

15. Poker Game

The leader gives a card to a call centre agent every time they meet a KPI, after a week or a certain amount of time.

Remember to show the different hand types you can acquire and the best ones. In this case, even people new to poker understand what is required to succeed.

16. Pyramid

In this office battle, ability and skill are more important than luck. This call centre game only requires a few Solo cups.

When a player has earned a few minutes away from the phone, give them a stack of Solo cups.

They want to build a pyramid and take it apart as rapidly as possible. However, a little award is given for the fastest time. The true advantage is a few enjoyable minutes off from work.

17. Rollerball in the Office

You build up some ramps and a trash can on one side of the room. The agent’s objective is to roll the ball into the garbage container.

The worker has the opportunity to earn points after they hit a KPI or marker. Additionally, you can permanently alter the layout to keep things fresh!

18. Sit Where

You can play pass the chair to make this office game more thrilling. For example, the following person takes the chair whenever an agent makes a sale or achieves a KPI!

It is a straightforward but entertaining game that can keep things interesting at call centres and other workplaces.

19. State Bingo

The game is great if you receive calls from all over the nation. Make several bingo cards with the names of the states in the cells.

Then distribute them to the agents. Agents check off the states from which each new call comes in.

This game is fun for call centres. Additionally, it lets your agents focus more intently on where most of their calls originate.

20. Target Practice Game

Although some setup and a few beanbags are needed for this game, it is a fantastic team-building exercise.

Form teams of players first. A team member who is allowed to participate rolls a die to determine how many beanbags they can throw.

You may use a corn hole board, a Nerf basketball hoop, and a wastebasket. Each target receives a varied point value depending on its location and degree of difficulty.

The first team to reach a predetermined point total receives rewards like extended breaks or an early departure.

Final Thoughts

Many of these call centre contest ideas have awards of some sort, as you may have seen. Giving rewards encourages staff to participate more and have fun with the activities.

These customer service contest ideas gain a competitive edge as a result. Remember that these do not have to be huge awards. Small gifts make excellent expressions of gratitude for effort.

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