The 48-Hour Cloud Contact Centre Challenge

A picture of a 48 hour stopwatch

Sytel have installed a production-ready 200-seat cloud contact centre within 48 hours, in response to a customer needing a fast operational shift.

Sytel CEO Michael McKinlay recounts: “The call came in late Friday night: ‘Can you get a 200-seat contact centre up and working over the weekend?’ ‘Sure,’ we said.”

Michael McKinlay

Michael McKinlay

So during the weekend, Sytel:

  • Installed their Softdial Contact Center platform using the customer’s virtualization infrastructure
  • Helped them connect to their phone carrier
  • Showed them how to configure inbound queues and how to route calls to the most appropriate agents
  • Deployed a browser environment and headsets so that agents could work at home just as if they were in the contact centre
  • Co-wrote some scripts for the agents to use
  • Figured out which reports they would need
  • Showed them how to use our screen/voice recording product to review agent performance

In addition, the contact centre that moved to the cloud in just 48 hours:

  • Integrated Sytel’s system with their database, enabling scripts to take data in real time from customer records
  • Made sure that the script wrote call results back to their database, to keep the back-office people happy
  • Set up Sytel IVR to play messages to any inbound callers waiting in queue

As Michael McKinlay concludes: “Monday morning was Go Live time. Result… one very happy customer!”

Eduardo Miller

Eduardo Miller

“Super job by a super team,” added Eduardo Miller, Sytel’s Hosted Deployments Director.

“If Sytel can help other organizations install new systems quickly, including homeworking, just email Any time, any country.”

To find out more about Sytel, visit their website:

Published On: 30th Mar 2020 - Last modified: 4th May 2021
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