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Our panel of experts recommend a number of techniques to improve knowledge management, while also boosting the customer and advisor experience.

Our whitepaper explores the benefits and limitations of network monitoring, and reveals how you can gain full line of sight of your numbers’ performance, from the outside-in.

Today’s customers demand more . . . And Less Read on to learn how one organisation leveraged gamification technology to creatively reduce employee attrition across the everchanging generational spectrum and used those recouped savings to fuel their growth.

Virtual assistants are a white-hot topic nowadays. However, if you look beyond the hype, success stories are few and far between. Forrester’s latest research predicts a chatbot backlash this year. Here are 11 mistakes to avoid.

This whitepaper provides insight and practical suggestions on how to design an effective contact strategy based on modalities (voice, text, video) and engagement options (live assistance, self service, proactive service).

Unreliable forecasts that fail to accurately model the conditions of a contact center can have an undesirable effect on workforce schedules and service levels. NICE WFM 7.0 Forecasting with Artificial Intelligence provides staffing levels and budgeting that are more accurate than those delivered by any other WFM Solution.

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