Why Your Agents Need Answers Fast

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ProcedureFlow discuss how you can improve knowledge management to give your agents the timely information they need.

Agents have a tough job. They’re working in a fast-paced environment, maintaining metrics and customer satisfaction, while also trying to remember all of the important processes and information needed to do their jobs.

The common denominator for these tasks? Having access to the information they need, quickly.

Without the required information laid out in front of them, agents may struggle to stay on track and could get lost along the way.

Balancing customer formalities with procedural knowledge can be tricky. Procedures are often documented in large text blocks, making it more challenging to retain information. This leads to negative effects across the entire organization.

  • Long hold time: Customers want their concerns resolved as quickly as possible. When agents aren’t able to find what they’re looking for fast, the customer on the other line is kept on hold longer.
  • Frustrated customers: When a customer isn’t satisfied with the service they’re receiving, they become agitated, and make the agent’s job even more difficult.
  • Frustrated agents: An agent that’s unable to access the answers they need, when they need them, becomes frustrated. Frustrated agents aren’t able to deliver their best customer service.
  • Increased escalations: When an agent can’t find the answers they need quickly, they often look for help. Increased escalations slow the organization down, and take mentors away from where they’re really needed.

Alternatively, when agents have quick and easy access to information, the organization sees immediate positive benefits.

  • Increased customer satisfaction: There’s arguably nothing better for an organization than to have happy customers and high CSAT scores.
  • Confident, empowered agents: When agents feel confident in their responses to customers, they become confident and empowered.  Empowered agents bring with them a multitude of benefits to the organization on top of better customer service, such as improved morale and continuous improvement.
  • Improved KPIs/metrics: From newly onboarded agents to top-level management, improved KPIs are a consistent measure of success that the whole organization strives for.

The importance of having quick access to answers may often be overlooked, but its impact is felt throughout the organization.

With the right customer service solution, your agents are able to resolve issues faster, feel more confident, and maximize their performance.

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Published On: 25th Mar 2021 - Last modified: 19th Jul 2022
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