How to Automatically Manage TOIL and Time Owed Balances

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Dave Preece explains how you can automatically manage time off in lieu (TOIL) and time owed balances – eliminating awkward conversations with managers and improving the agent experience.

I’m here to answer your questions on intraday automation and how it can benefit you and your contact centre.

Now in this edition I’m going to have a look how to automatically manage those two challenging time banks, time off in lieu, and time owed back to the business.

It’s always tricky to make sure that your business is getting paid back all of the time that agents owe due to lateness or people leaving early.

It’s equally tricky to make sure that agents who work beyond the end of their shifts, handling customer queries, are getting all of the time that they’re paid back too.

What your business needs is a system that can automatically manage both balances, make it really easy to administer, and give the agents confidence that they will be treated fairly and equitably.

If an agent is late QStory will automatically capture the time owed and add it to the appropriate time bank.

You can configure the system to simply automatically add this time to the end of an agent shift, but often you don’t really need them at that time, you’re already overstaffed and getting them to work this time back has little or no value to your day.

Using QStory, you can keep that time until it’s really needed, on a day where it looks like you’ll be understaffed.

With the click of a couple of buttons you can ask multiple agents to work their time owed, and once accepted, their schedule, and yours, is updated instantly.

If you owe the agent some time, then simply select the appropriate time off in lieu assignment code, and you’ll see a green indicator showing exactly how much time they are owed.

Select a few intervals and click apply, and the agent will be given back some of their time off in lieu, and the time bank balance will be automatically adjusted.

So that’s time bank management with QStory. Agents simply love this feature. No more awkward conversations with their manager about time that they’re owed. It’s just one of the many ways we’re improving the agent experience.

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Author: QStory

Published On: 5th Feb 2024
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