How to Book Staff Coaching Without Impacting the Customer

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Dave Preece explains how you can schedule essential coaching and 1-2-1’s at the right time, without negatively impacting the customer experience.

In this edition I’m going to focus on how you can move staff offline, at precisely the right time, so that you don’t negatively impact the customer experience. Everybody knows that staff training, team meetings, one-to-ones, are really important.

They are the things that can make your business tick. The things that can guarantee a quality customer experience.

But equally we know that they’re often the first things to get removed from the schedule when service levels are under pressure.

And even if your business treats training and development differently, and protects them at all costs, then the customer experience can suffer as a result. It’s tough to get the balance right.

So imagine if you could always schedule coaching sessions in quiet periods. Imagine if your teams could get all of their regulatory product training without impacting the customer.

Qstory is the only contact centre software with a dedicated team leader portal, not only does this give them complete up to the minute visibility of all their teams availability and scheduled tasks, it also allows them to schedule those all-important offline activities, like coaching and training, with just a few clicks.

Scheduling Offline Activities

Using the colour coded grid on this screen they can see the best times of the day to host that offline activity.

The green squares are good times, grey ones at times that aren’t available. A click in some green intervals and then clicking apply, means that the team leader can now schedule training and coaching sessions at the best time of day for the business, and for the customer, without referring to anyone else for permission.

Simple empowering driving development and engagement that’s intraday automation.

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Author: QStory

Published On: 22nd Jan 2024
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