Case Study: CX and Digital Transformation Within the Public Sector

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Road users, the economy, and employees benefit as agency reaches cloud destination in record time.

When roads slow down the country does too.

Traffic jams, lane closures and resultant vehicle delays make a huge dent in economic activity, stopping businesses putting products on shelves and consumers from spending money.

Metrics matter. Incident management and resolution delays are closely watched, with time lost per vehicle per mile as a key measure to monitor costs.

To keep disruption to a minimum, the client’s contact centre needed to prioritize and handle every call with the utmost efficiency.

However, that wasn’t always the case. A legacy phone system struggled to filter calls. Relying on drivers pressing buttons to navigate IVR options, it put safety at risk too.

As events snowballed, agents could end up fielding calls for issues that were already being resolved, further compounding matters. The on-prem system was also expensive to maintain and unable to effectively support remote working.

“It wasn’t uncommon for our agents to get 15-plus calls on the same issue. They also had to deal with general information requests, diverting them from urgent incidents.”

Clear, Well-Defined Objectives

In concert with Kerv Experience, the agency set about transforming its contact centre. The goal was frictionless customer and employee experience.

Success would be defined by improvements to key performance indicators (KPIs), including increased first contact resolution and citizen trust, along with reductions in average handling time and cost per call. Maintaining compliance during and after the migration was another top priority.


  • 240,000+ calls and emails handled annually
  • 95% of calls answered inside 25-second target and resolved first time
  • 90% customer satisfaction average
  • 50% less claim-related calls routed to agents

“Now, calls get routed straight into Microsoft Dynamics, eliminating screen jumping and manual data entry. And our teams have lots of extra tools like webchat, SMS surveys, roadside video footage, and eMite reports and analytics.”

Low Risk, Stress-Free Cloud Migration

Kerv specialists delivered the initial project in just seven weeks. Blending Genesys Cloud CX with Kerv hosted voice services and Amazon Web Services, the solution makes best use of edge servers while simplifying call routing and making best use of agent skills.

Unlike before, contact centre staff benefit from call recording and returning-customer information. Handlers have a more holistic reporting view as incidents unfold, for example from roadside cameras.

The contact centre solution is also linked to the agency’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM system and eMite wallboards, leveraging previously buried or siloed data.

“Thanks to Kerv, our employees are now better supported for home working. All they need is an internet connection and away they go,” says a spokesperson. “They also enjoy powerful new integrations and features. As a result, we’ve seen a marked rise in user satisfaction.”

Underpinning Wider Targets

In providing a solid foundation for the agency to achieve KPI improvements, the Kerv cloud contact centre solution also underpins wider organizational targets.

Along with a 90 percent average for customer satisfaction, the agency is better placed to maintain a strong safety record with 97 percent road network availability and 85 percent of all motorway incidents cleared within an hour.

Good for HR and Claims Management

Building on that success, the agency rolled out the new cloud platform across its HR function. “We have one central and nine local HR teams,” adds the spokesperson.

“Due to busy workloads, our helpdesk used to suffer, resulting in high abandonment rates and cases being raised via other channels. Now, service levels are back to where they should be. Employees get served faster and many HR people are happier working from home.”

Similarly, claims handlers now benefit from feature-rich cloud contact centre features. Before, the team operated in isolation with no technical support.

So, customers would phone the contract centre, tying up agents who would invariably end up having to transfer the call. Through predefined intelligent routing, those callers are now connected to the right team first time, reducing stray traffic by 50 percent in the process.

“The Kerv solution was easy to extend beyond the contact centre, enabling HR teams and claims handlers to enjoy the same benefits.”

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Published On: 24th Mar 2023
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