Celebrating a Decade of Number Testing

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10 years ago, Spearline developed the first-ever automated testing platform to proactively monitor global toll, toll-free, inbound and dial-out premium-rate numbers.

This was in response to a customer need for an innovative product that did not exist at the time to solve a frustrating and expensive problem in the telecommunications industry.

Since then, Spearline has continued to be a listening company and constantly adapts and further develops the platform, and it’s only the beginning.

It’s unbelievable to think that Spearline is celebrating a decade since developing the first automated number testing platform.

Spreading its toolkit globally, Spearline now has servers in 67 countries worldwide and this number is constantly growing. To think it all began between two friends – Co-Founders Kevin Buckley, CEO, and Matthew Lawlor, CTO, – in a small West Cork town.

With a user-friendly interface to manage your numbers and schedule exactly when your tests will be run, the Spearline dashboard enhances your customer experience.

After the initial demand for, and success in, testing inbound numbers, Spearline went the next step. The platform now automatically tests all outbound/dial-out services, across all of your national and international carrier interconnects.

Providing first-rate testing and proactive monitoring tools, Spearline optimizes your business call routing and ensures high-quality audio for your customers.

The Spearline platform is here to stay. Measuring what matters, this platform provides 24/7 proactive testing and monitoring service with multiple test types from latency to performance benchmarking.

Growth is an integral part of Spearline and the sky’s the limit in what the platform can achieve. Each year, the collective minds at Spearline are all about pushing the boundaries on proactive monitoring and testing.

Growing and reaching further as a group, Spearline provides stability and support to its customers, such as contact centres, conferencing services and other applications.

It’s all bright horizons for Spearline and the platform. Here’s to another ten years!

For further information, visit www.spearline.com

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 4th Oct 2019 - Last modified: 16th May 2024
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