The Cloud-Based Call Centre: Why You Should Make the Switch

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Colin Gill at Akixi explains about the benefits of a cloud-based call centre.

Building and managing an effective contact centre isn’t easy.

In a time when customer expectations are constantly evolving, a traditional call centre quickly becomes clunky and outdated. Fortunately, the digital world has arrived to change the way that we work on an incredible scale.

The arrival of the cloud-based call centre means that today’s business leaders can easily unlock an ever-scalable and infinitely flexible environment for customer experience and support.

At the same time, with a call centre that operates in the cloud, companies have more freedom to manage and control all avenues in the same environment.

Here’s why every business can benefit from making the switch to cloud-based call centre software.

What Is a Cloud-Based Call Centre?

A cloud-based call centre is a customer experience hub responsible for handling inbound and outbound voice communications, with contact centres additionally handling multiple communication channels such as social media, email, instant messaging, and more.

According to DMG consulting, over 62% of organizations have already migrated into a cloud call centre solution, and the number keeps growing.

With a call centre in the cloud it’s easy to expand and update your CX strategy to suit the needs of your audience.

For instance, the cloud allows you to store infinite data on customer interactions in a safe and compliant manner, so it’s easy to instantly update your business with cloud-based call analytics.

Your reporting tools will have plenty of information to tap into from calls and online conversations, meaning that you can access more in-depth insights.

You can also combine your cloud contact centre with CRM technologies, for a better overview of the customer journey.

Or you could use workforce management tools that link into your analytics and show you the gaps in your sales and marketing cycles.

Compared to on-premise call centres which rely heavily on hardware and complex technology, the cloud-based call centre makes managing your business easier than ever.

What Are the Benefits of Using Cloud Contact Centre Software?

Switching to cloud-based call management, or a cloud contact centre, means that you use flexible software to handle your calls and customer service, rather than relying too heavily on hardware.

A cloud call centre can be as complex or simple as you choose, with access to everything from call reporting to fraud protection and with quality of service management built in.

As more companies begin to realize the importance of the cloud for things like business continuity, growth, and flexibility, the demand for the best cloud call centre solutions is greater than ever.

Here are just some of the benefits you could experience when you make the switch.

1. Lower Costs

One major benefit of switching to a cloud contact centre is the cost savings. Unlike on-premise products that have large licensing fees and hardware costs, you can access all of your cloud-based call centre software via a web browser.

Monthly and annual subscription costs are often a lot lower than purchasing and maintaining on-premise technology.

What’s more, because you can share your software with employees wherever they are, you can also embrace remote working, reducing your office overheads too.

2. Faster Implementation

Installing cloud-based call management systems is a quick and simple process. An on-premise contact centre can take months to deploy. A cloud solution is available to access with a couple of clicks of a button.

With the right call management software, you can also control all aspects of your contact centre from a distance.

This means having access to remote provisioning opportunities, routing tools, and cradle-to-grave call visibility, all without having to deal with complex tools.

3. Single-Pane View

As the contact centre becomes increasingly complex, embracing things like SMS and social media conversations, it’s harder for many businesses to keep track of everything.

With a cloud call management system, you can unlock pure omnichannel contact centre and agent analytics, dashboard views of everything that’s happening in your business, and real-time trend analysis.

This enhanced visibility means that you can act faster to improve customer service.

4. Improved Security

Because you can combine your cloud contact centre with call analytics, it’s also easier to keep an eye on things for security purposes. You can choose exactly which information is stored and where it goes.

Additionally, you have complete control over your historical call logging and reporting strategies too. This means better compliance and fewer risks for your business.

5. Greater Flexibility

Cloud call centres make it easier for businesses to embrace new ways of working. For instance, because you can deliver your technology to your team over the cloud, you can offer opportunities for remote working.

Remember, 54% of office workers say they would leave their current job for one with greater flexibility.

With analytics built into your contact centre, it’s also easy to ensure that your team stays productive, with real-time analytics, wallboards, and more.

Improving Experience With Cloud-Based Call Management

There are countless advantages to embracing the best cloud-based call centre solutions. However, the biggest benefits for most companies will fall under the umbrella of ‘experience’.

For instance, from a customer experience perspective, your cloud solution helps you to strengthen relationships by offering omnichannel interactions that are faster and more personalized.

On the cloud, you can easily unlock any communication platform that your customer needs while ensuring that the right clients are routed to the correct agents with intelligent systems.

In-depth call reporting also shows you the potential gaps and friction points in your customer journey map, so you can overcome problems and unlock new opportunities.

At the same time, cloud call centre software has significant benefits for user experience too. Not only will your agents have more freedom to work flexibly, but they’ll have more of the information they need to perform at their best.

Access to cloud-based databases that showcase customer information and best practices help employees to perform at their best in any situation.

What’s more, because multiple channels are connected on the same platform, there’s less jumping between apps.

With Cloud, the Only Way Is Up

A headshot of Colin Gill

Colin Gill

If you’re looking for the ideal contact centre solution to transform your business operations and your customer experience strategy, then the cloud is the clear way forward.

Cloud technology provides today’s businesses with unlimited flexibility and scalability – perfect for a marketplace that’s constantly changing.

What’s more, with the cloud, there are infinite opportunities to boost your business outcomes with access to things like cloud analytics and reporting features too.

Author: Colin Gill

Published On: 20th Jul 2020 - Last modified: 24th May 2024
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