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How to Measure First Call Resolution
Two people jumping with a chess board representing important skills
Survey Results: The Most Important Customer Service Skills
Person sat at computer being overloaded with information
Overcoming Analysis Paralysis in the New Age of Work
2021 survey report
2021 Survey Report: What Contact Centres Are Doing Right Now
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The Ultimate Guide to Call Disposition Codes
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Building Customer Rapport Through Meaningful Conversations
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Akixi Launches Akixi ONE Designed for Hybrid Workers
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Creating a People-First Hybrid Working Model
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Customer Journey Mapping: The Road to Better CX
Call & Contact Centre Expo
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The Effects of Covid-19 on Employee Well-Being
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Real-Time Dashboards for Businesses – What Are the Benefits?
A photo of a remote contact centre agent
How to Monitor Home Workers and Keep Remote Teams Productive
A picture of a manager communicating with remote workers
Staff Motivation: How Supervisors Can Motivate Remote Teams
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18 Simple Ideas to Reduce Your Abandon Rate
A picture of an agent wearing a headset
What Is Call Recording and Why Is It So Important?
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Top Challenges Faced by the Telecoms Industry in 2021
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5 Easy Ways to Upskill Your Call Centre Agents
Colin Gill Podcast Artwork
Podcast – How to Improve Your Call Centre Reporting
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Akixi Release Live Chat Analytics and UI Improvements
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Case Study: Akixi Supports Gamma During Remote Working Shift
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Akixi Wins Best Analytics Platform Award
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Is Your Communication Strategy Ready for Anything?
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Top Challenges Faced by the Telecoms Industry in 2020

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