How to Use Quality Management Analytics in a Cloud Contact Centre

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Lauren Maschio of NICE discusses three ways that cloud-based quality management analytics can help to improve your contact centre’s performance. 

After a decade of manually transferring cost estimates, photos and blueprints back and forth, international construction company Balfour Beatty’s switch to the cloud brought immediate benefits.

Instead of routing nearly every request through IT and frequently running out of server capacity, the company’s designers and construction professionals could finally share information with end users and subcontractors with ease.

With the cloud, your contact centre can achieve similar results to Balfour Beatty with quality management analytics. The resources and time required to successfully implement a quality management (QM) analytics solution can be substantial and require coordination between multiple internal departments. However, a cloud-based solution can mitigate many of these challenges.

Here’s a few ways that a cloud-based quality management analytics solution can help you unlock the omnichannel insights that your contact centre needs to achieve its business goals:

1. Achieve Greater ROI With Fast Implementation

One of the most common fears around quality management analytics is that the resources, coordination between multiple internal teams and associated costs from consultants brought on board to guide the process leads to a slow, painful implementation that reduces ROI.

Cloud solutions, however, can be implemented in minutes and almost immediately begin gathering quality management insights throughout your contact centre. No analytics expertise is required, which reduces or eliminates the need for coordination with other internal teams or to hire consultants.

2. Analyse 100% of Interactions

Cloud quality management analytics solutions reduce implementation complexity as they don’t require any hardware or software to be installed or maintained.

When coupled with fast, cloud-enabled implementation, your organisation will be able to analyse 100 percent of interactions on phone, email, chat and social media channels. This is critical in today’s contact centre environment, as about as many customers begin their customer service interactions over the phone as they do online.

A cloud-based QM analytics solution without hardware or software to install can help you rapidly answer questions such as these when considering any channel:

      • What drives up your call volume?
      • What drives customer dissatisfaction?
      • Why do you get repeat calls?
      • Which customers are at high risk of churning?
      • Why is handle time increasing?
      • Which agents are not in compliance?

3. Unlock Continuous Delivery

Lauren Maschio

Downtime for manual software updates reduces your contact centre’s ability to respond to customer demand. It also can limit your organisation’s ability to access the latest features, as you balance the cost of workstation downtime against the ability to utilise those features.

Long term, this creates technical debt and leaves your organisation playing catch-up to attain the same QM capabilities as competitors. You don’t have to choose between downtime and innovative new features, though – cloud-based quality management solutions offer the ability to automate updates and achieve continuous delivery of innovative new features. With the cloud, your organisation will always have access to the latest QM analytics capabilities.

Just like Balfour Beatty found, the cloud can remove complexity and facilitate your journey to achieving your business goals.

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Published On: 4th Dec 2018 - Last modified: 11th Jan 2024
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