Cloudfest London 2019

About the Event

Our line-up of industry experts, visionary thought leaders and successful customers, with great opportunities to network and engage, will leave you with real-life examples and hints and tips for how you can improve efficiency, reduce churn and create greater customer advocacy.


The Psychology Of Customer Interaction
Martin Hill-Wilson – Customer Service, CX & AI Engagement Strategist – Brainfood Consulting

Given its importance to many corporate growth strategies, it is alarming that progress has flatlined for the last three years according to Nunwood and Forrester. Brand switching shows consumers are becoming less tolerant of poor service and despite growing sophistication of the technology, consumers remain critical of bot based self service and still demand access to human assistance.

So what is really going on? If we look at these issues through the lens of psychology and neuroscience, these customer behaviours start to make sense. In particular when we understand how emotion, feeling and the way we remember experiences influence our decisions and behaviour.

One year after launching Emotive CX for Customer Interaction, Martin Hill-Wilson returns the CloudFest stage to report how a pioneering group of brands have been planning to embed this new understanding into their contact centre operations and rejuvenate their CX strategies.

Why be Customer-Obsessed?
Gerry McGovern – Customer Experience Consultant

This is the Age of the Consumer. Never before have customers had more power, more connectivity, more information, or more tools. The result is that customers are innovating faster than organisations. Customers have become the engine for sales and marketing because it is their opinions and experiences that prospects trust and seek most.

There are three characteristics of the customer-obsessed organisation: Humility, Agility, and Simplicity. Gerry McGovern will explain how to enhance the humility skills of listening, collaborating, and using evidence instead of gut instinct. He’ll explain why agility should be measured in relation to how quickly you can respond to customer feedback. And he’ll show why simplicity of use is such an essential metric for any organisation that wants to become customer-obsessed.

Date and Time

Thursday 10th October 2019


Date and Time

Thursday 10th October 2019

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