Connecting With Customers Through Email Workshop

The Essentials:

  • Online delivery by Daniel Ord, a CXPA Recognized Training Provider and 30 year industry veteran in CX, EX, Contact Centers and Customer Service
  • A one day workshop split into 2 online sessions of 4 hours each

Recommended audience:

Frontline Team Members who interact with Customers through email. Team Leaders, Team Managers, Quality Assurance & Customer Experience professionals involved in any way with managing or supporting the Email channel.

Anyone in the Organization who wants to measurably improve their ability to write better emails.

Workshop overview:

This Customer service emails training course is designed to teach a structured process in handling email customer correspondence for frontline staff who are required to write and respond to customer enquiries, complaints and so on via the email channel.

Typical roles include:

  • Contact Center agents (sales or service) who handle customers emails
  • Customer service staff
  • Telephone account management
  • Complaints teams
  • Written correspondence teams
  • Anyone who writes emails and wants to do a better job of it

We walk Participants through a structured process across 4 modules:

  • Module 1: Using an Email Framework
  • Module 2: How to Intepret incoming Emails
  • Module 3: Service Skills for Email
  • Module 4: How to Address Tone & Content

Though it’s a challenging channel it’s possible to write great emails – and efficiently as well. We teach you how!

Published On: 9th Feb 2021 - Last modified: 22nd Feb 2021
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