Is It Possible to Transform a Contact Centre Into an Employer of Choice?

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In this episode of QStory’s Dear Dave, Solution Consultant Dave Preece  will focus on the importance of Workforce Engagement.

We have moved into a different world in terms of working practices over the past few years. With the emergence of the Gen Z workforce, the effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of hybrid working, the parameters in which your business operates have shifted dramatically.

Customers have embraced different communication channels, presenting businesses with a new challenge as they try to provide the right levels of resource across a constantly developing omni-channel environment.

What we are asking our colleagues to do has changed. But so has what our colleagues expect from us.

The modern workforce places a great deal more emphasis on their own mental wellbeing than previous generations.

They expect us to fully engage with them so that they can fully engage with us, and they are not scared to ‘vote with their feet’ and leave in search of what they are looking for.

Workforce engagement is going to be the single biggest differentiator between the successful businesses and the also-rans.

Those businesses who guide, steer, encourage and empower will defeat those who mandate, force and coerce. Not only will they find it easier to retain quality staff, they’ll find it much easier to attract those star performers in the first place.

Dear Dave viewers have recognised that it is time for them to be a force for good and change for the better. So, they’ve asked me, ‘Can I really turn my contact centre into an employer of choice?’

QStory believes that happy, well-trained, highly-engaged employees are the key to excellent customer experience and strong business performance. That’s why we’ve developed the Agent App. Using the App, agents can:

  • View the latest version of their schedules on demand
  • Perform shift swaps and move their breaks, to get the schedule THEY would prefer, without waiting for approval
  • Sign up for overtime or extra hours
  • View their performance against their targets and take ownership of their own development and
  • Take part in regular surveys and ‘temperature checks’ providing key feedback on how they are feeling

All of this is available on any mobile device so they can do all of this at their leisure, in the comfort of their own home.

Across QStory’s customers, we’ve already seen that agents treasure the features of the App and really value the extra autonomy and involvement that they bring.

On average we see over 90% of agents using it every single day, with 40% of interactions happening when the agent isn’t on shift.

Our customers are reporting lower-than-ever attrition rates, reductions in sickness and lateness and significantly higher employee satisfaction scores, putting them well on the way to becoming employers of choice.

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QStory QStory are the pioneers of Intraday Automation (IDA). Their mission is to create a better everyday life for customer service professionals by helping them to work in a happier, more engaging and productive environment.

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Author: QStory

Published On: 27th May 2024
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