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Cyara Launches New Customer Experience Assurance Platform

Cyara have announced the launch of Velocity, a solution that combines customer experience design and testing.

With Velocity, the Cyara Platform can now seamlessly span CX design, testing, and monitoring, enabling pilot customers to achieve a faster time-to-market, while also achieving more comprehensive testing and maximum quality.

Because CX testing has historically been so difficult, many companies tested only a small fraction of their total CX — often resulting in defects being introduced into the system.

Velocity now enables organisations to fully and efficiently test their CX early within each development cycle, providing the insights needed to deliver a flawless customer experience, free of errors or failures.

Also, teams can identify and remedy bugs before a customer would ever experience them, when they are also less expensive to fix.

“We enable organisations to bulletproof their customers’ experience, across all channels, ensuring that it lives up to their brand promise,” said James Isaacs, Cyara president.

“By connecting CX design to testing, we drive efficiencies into the process, ultimately helping eliminate negative customer experiences.

“Our goal is to prevent everything from minor inconveniences to major defects — all those breaking points that lead to bad CX and ultimately lost customers.”

Design-Driven Assurance for Voice and Digital Channels

With its collaborative environment and automated CX testing, Velocity supports the broad range of Agile CX development methodologies for continuous planning, testing and integration.


Addressing a weakness in most CX development teams, Velocity now enables CX designers, developers and testers to easily collaborate and communicate with the business stakeholders as they map customer journeys.

Where companies previously used a combination of various document formats, or simply did not document CX at all, Velocity’s collaboration hub now provides a way to bring business, development and operations personnel together with a common visual language that aligns them around a precise CX design.


From that same CX collaboration hub, Velocity automates the creation of thousands of test scripts.

Unlike solutions that require customers to manually write or code test cases, Velocity creates easy-to-understand test scripts automatically from CX designs. The CX designs can be created through automated discovery of the existing CX or imported from another design tool.

Any time a change is made to the design, Velocity will update the test scripts and/or set up a review cycle needed to ensure design and tests are always in sync. The result is test scripts that are up to date, leading to assurance that it can run more than 10 times faster than manual testing.


Velocity solves the issue of incomplete testing by making it easy to capture the entire set of possible customer journeys.

Moreover, testing applies across channels of engagement, including journeys that cross multiple channels. Velocity can even test journeys that span self-service and agent-assisted service, and ensure that any information input by the customer carries over to an agent with the right skills for a smooth transition.

The Cyara CX Assurance Platform

The award-winning Cyara CX Assurance Platform helps companies accelerate CX development, increase quality across all digital and voice channels, and assure customer journeys end-to-end.

Cyara Velocity’s automation and collaborative environment helps organisations rapidly innovate their CX. Cyara Cruncher then puts CX systems through extensive performance and load-testing, ensuring systems work at scale.

Cyara Pulse delivers real-time CX insights via web browser or the Cyara mobile app, enabling customers to identify any issues and troubleshoot problems.

Cyara’s customers include leading global brands across a variety of segments including technology, insurance, finance, travel and retail.

To find out more about Cyara’s CX Assurance Platform, visit:

Published On: 5th Dec 2017 - Last modified: 27th Mar 2020
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