DEKRA Automotive Solutions Implement Diabolocom Technology

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DEKRA Automotive Solutions enlisted Diabolocom’s call centre technology to increase efficiency in their telephone campaigns and drive sales.

The Remarketing division of DEKRA Automotive had the task of enhancing the remote vehicle sales for its client Renault’s employees. Renault required a remote sales agency to support their employees seeking advice on the purchase of a new vehicle or on placing orders. With specific targets to achieve, DEKRA’s remote sales team needed a solution which would effectively facilitate the telephone campaigns and deliver tangible results.

For any business looking to enhance their call centre software, having a solution which can be implemented quickly and will streamline the customer interaction is essential. The innovative structure behind Diabolocom’s solution meant that the time taken from the assessment to the implementation of the incoming–outgoing solution was only one month.

Katia Ardin, Sales Manager at DEKRA Automotive, said: “Diabolocom has the advantage of being able to cover incoming and outgoing calls with a 100% SaaS solution which requires no significant infrastructure or assistance from technicians. This responsiveness is indispensable when you’re launching a new project. “

Diabolocom’s solution utilises an advanced interactive voice response (IVR) system to manage incoming calls and simplify the customer experience. The IVR’s intelligently selected options direct customers quickly to a relevant customer service representative. This provides valuable pre-qualification for the sales staff who take the calls.

“The visual interface is very intuitive, which means I have the capacity to adapt the platform’s design and make changes myself,” explains Katia.

The flexibility of the Diabolocom solution meant that Katia could then add an option to the IVR system which would enable customers to rate the quality of the conversation at the end of a call. With a global Net Promoter Score (NPS) covering the entire purchase pathway, she also wanted to know the rate of recommendations directly related to the efficiency of the sales staff.

“Adding the automatic post-call inquiry allowed us to evaluate the customer experience, the competence of the call agent and their interaction with the customer,” continued Katia.

“Diabolocom quickly implemented this system so we could start gathering feedback immediately.

The new solution accomplished DEKRA’s objectives for more productive telephone campaigns. Each month Renault supplies the remote sales agency with its marketing targets, which can be easily integrated into the Diabolocom solution. The tool only connects the sales agent if the number rings and the customer answers; this minimises time wastage so that the sales team can focus on their record and pitch during the call.

“Efficiency has dramatically improved with the Diabolocom solution, resulting in a 55% productivity increase per day,” concluded Katia.

Prior to launching Diabolocom’s solution, the volume of outgoing calls was 27,000 per year. The solution now means the marketing targets are more defined and transparent. The volume of calls has decreased to 15,000, with 46% of the sales achieved originating from an outgoing call. In addition, 56% of finalised sales originate from an incoming call.

With the Diabolocom solution each call is recorded and qualified by the sales representative after it closes, providing statistics for the sales manager to direct the sales staff and report back to the client. The analysis of outgoing calls further revealed that certain geographical areas were not being explored by the relevant local branches. This resulted in Renault opening two new branches in these areas.

Published On: 4th Jun 2018 - Last modified: 5th Jun 2018
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