Is It Time to Embrace Desktop as a Service?

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Wisper introduce us to Desktop as a Service (DaaS), sharing advantages and disadvantages of the technology.

DaaS is a cloud solution that users can access as a service on a pay-as-you-go basis and according to their needs.

What Are the Advantages of Such a Solution?

The user can access their desktop interface at any time and from any place, ensuring efficiency of remote working.

The Desktop as a Service (DaaS) allows you to drastically lower the TCO (total cost of ownership), thanks to significant energy saving and the removal of a hardware disk.  You can also save time on the maintenance of an IT infrastructure that is sometimes complex to manage.

Finally, the scalability and implementation are time efficient given that in just minutes you can deploy new applications and corrective patches.

There Are Some Disadvantages, However…

Firstly, the DaaS requires an internet connection. In fact, without it, the user will not be able to access their applications and data. Extensive software also requires a strong internet connection.

Forget DTP software if your users do not have a broadband connection. Furthermore, the possibilities for customising the user workstation are quite limited through a pre-packaged DaaS solution.

Some IT managers prefer to own assets rather than leasing materials to avoid making a continuous payment.

However, according to an IDC report, DaaS contracts will have risen from one in every 100 prior to 2016 to one in every six or seven PCs between 2016 and 2020.

Amazon WorkSpaces

A pioneer in the cloud computing market, Amazon launched its DaaS offering on 3 March 2006.

Amazon offers its services to other service providers through its consulting and technology partners. Pricing varies according to your needs, as well as the defined location (where the virtual PCs will be hosted) but it varies from 42 USD to 80 USD per month. It is also possible to pay by the hour.

Amazon’s strength is its developer centre, gathering a powerful community made up of developers and architects.


  • Used by 80% of CAC 40 companies according to Amazon’s CTO.
  • Wide and complete offer that allows you to adapt to your budget and your needs.
  • Available in 13 countries.
  • Available across platforms (mobile, desktop, tablets).
  • Amazon uses its own technology.


  • Costs can quickly skyrocket.
  • The platform requires an adaptation time and technological knowledge.
  • Video and audio are not optimal.

Windows Virtual Desktop

The American IT giant launched its DaaS offer in September 2018 to offer simplified management, a multi-session Windows 10 experience, optimisations for Office 365 ProPlus and support for Windows Server Remote Desktop Services and applications. It is orientated towards large companies which already have knowledge in this field.

Microsoft offers its services to other service providers through its Azure advanced specialisation partners and its Azure expert managed service providers.

The price varies according to your needs, the support you require, the licensing programme, as well as the defined location (where the virtual PCs will be hosted). You can request an estimate directly from their website.


  • Deliver Windows 10 on any device, anywhere (36 geographical areas available).
  • Install and scale in minutes.
  • Reduce cost using existing licenses.
  • Highly secured solution, detecting threats rapidly.
  • Free access for 12 months.


  • Azure cloud dependency.
  • Need for a dimensioned and available WAN link.
  • Complexity of the environment and need for regularly trained teams.
  • Interconnection with existing complex architecture.
  • Significant and hidden cost.
  • Sizing complexity.
  • Display offset.

More DaaS Providers

There is a huge number of DaaS solutions and suppliers, with new solutions being created every year. We could have presented many other options.

Ultimately, the ideal solution will depend on your infrastructure, the needs of your users, your management, your expertise, and your budget.

IT must no longer be a source of slowdown or technical problems but must enhance the work of collaborators. DaaS is an innovative solution that meets the needs of certain mobile users or remote work.

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Published On: 4th Dec 2020 - Last modified: 8th Dec 2020
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