EmployBridge Moves to a Cloud Contact Centre

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EmployBridge, America’s largest specialty industrial staffing company, has selected Talkdesk to power its customer service operations.

EmployBridge will move its customer service team of several hundred agents from a static, slow-moving first-generation cloud system to Talkdesk Enterprise Cloud Contact Center to leverage its rapid pace of innovation.

“Talkdesk is introducing new products to the market so quickly, our decision to future-proof our contact center with Talkdesk was clear,” said Dale Sturgill, vice president, contact center operations, EmployBridge.

“In moving to Talkdesk, we knew we would always be on the cutting edge of the customer service industry and have a true partner in helping us keep our commitment to offer the highest level of customer service.”

EmployBridge is leveraging Talkdesk’s latest product release, Talkdesk Agent Assist, to help reduce human-assisted contacts by 20% while supporting a service level of at least 90%.

For agent-driven interactions, Talkdesk Agent Assist, powered by Talkdesk iQ native artificial intelligence (AI), provides real-time information and suggested actions to drive higher CSAT, lower handle time and improve customer experience.

As a customer states their issue, agents are provided contextually relevant answers or supporting information immediately to expedite the conversation and simplify tasks.

Talkdesk Agent Assist intelligently presents information from a knowledge base or CRM as a suggested action in real time, contributing to a significant reduction in handle time and improving customer experience.

“Giving agents real-time suggested actions and removing the burden of tedious data entry will allow them to stay focused on the customer, instead of worrying about the technology,” continued Sturgill.

“Talkdesk Agent Assist is a game-changer for achieving our goal to reduce agent and customer effort while driving customer satisfaction.”

In addition to Talkdesk’s AI-driven functionalities, the unique flexibility of Talkdesk cloud-native architecture to easily integrate with other systems, including EmployBridge’s existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM database, was key for its new contact center solution.

With four major product launches in the past six months, Talkdesk offers EmployBridge unmatched development capabilities and an industry-leading commitment to innovation, backed by an industry-first 100% Uptime SLA.

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Tiago Paiva

“Talkdesk is pleased to support EmployBridge with our powerfully simple, seamlessly connected and endlessly adaptable contact center solutions,” said Tiago Paiva, chief executive officer, Talkdesk.

“Our intelligent cloud contact center allows Talkdesk to maintain our commitment to product innovation and empower enterprises to remain on the cutting edge and make customer experience their competitive advantage.”

“That’s why hundreds of enterprises like EmployBridge are choosing Talkdesk over legacy on-premises and first-generation cloud solutions.”

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Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 12th Jul 2019 - Last modified: 16th Jul 2019
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