NICE Launches Enlighten AI for Complaint Management

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NICE has announced the release of Enlighten AI for Complaint Management, which automatically identifies and categorizes consumer complaints as well as automates the remediation process to drive regulatory compliance and improve customer satisfaction, reducing churn.

Based on NICE’s first-of-its-kind AI framework for customer engagement, the solution analyses 100% of interactions across all communication channels and operationalizes root-cause insights to protect organizations from reputational and compliance risks.

NICE Enlighten AI for Complaint Management also serves as an early warning system, notifying companies of the potential risk of regulatory action and helping safeguard against sizeable monetary fines.

Consumer complaints are difficult to define on a consistent basis, especially when using manual interaction sampling that is not only subjective but only possible on a small selection of interactions, resulting in inconsistent complaint identification.

In addition, relying on agents to self-report and process complaints is error prone, burdens them and takes away from time spent on providing service to customers.

By intelligently automating the identification of consumer complaints, NICE Enlighten AI for Complaint Management, boosts compliance and operational efficiency and helps to ensure greater accuracy and speed in addressing remediation.

The solution offers easy-to-understand desktop alerts with real-time next-best-action guidance to guide agents to avoid or mitigate consumer complaints during the interaction.

For contact centre managers, out-of-the-box, customizable dashboards and reports provide a clear view of interactions, complaint status, customer satisfaction metrics, interaction trends and contact drivers, facilitating preventative measures.

As a result, employees spend more time effectively assisting customers, improving both customer and agent satisfaction.

Barry Cooper, President, NICE Workforce & Customer Experience Group, commented, “NICE Enlighten AI for Complaint Management is a powerful tool that builds consumer trust by accelerating compliance and remediation.

“By accurately identifying and mitigating consumer complaints, churn is reduced, loyalty is built and satisfaction achieved. NICE is proud to provide organizations the ability to address financial, reputational and compliance risk, while building both employee and customer satisfaction through the power of AI.”

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NICE NICE is a leading global enterprise software provider that enables organizations to improve customer experience and business results, ensure compliance and fight financial crime. Their mission is to help customers build and strengthen their reputation by uncovering customer insight, predicting human intent and taking the right action to improve their business.

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Published On: 26th Aug 2021 - Last modified: 31st Aug 2021
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