NICE Launches Next Big Leap of Enlighten

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NICE has announced the launch of three new solutions as part of Enlighten, purpose-built for the Customer Service environment.

NICE is combining the latest Generative AI technology and CXone’s vast array of CX data to revolutionise the way AI is empowering CX stakeholders to better engage, predict and take actions to improve agent empowerment, consumer experiences, and operational excellence.

NICE is the first to introduce an enterprise-grade AI for business, based on domain-specific business cases, with humanised conversations with the highest level of security guardrails ensuring responses are aligned with brand needs and goals.

Underlying Enlighten’s solutions are NICE’s data and domain-trained models derived from all types of interactions and CXone’s leading CX applications and workflows.

With the launch, NICE is announcing three new Enlighten solutions: Enlighten Copilot for employees, Enlighten Autopilot for consumers and Enlighten Actions for CX leaders.

  • Enlighten Copilot offers customer service employees a by-their-side conversational AI experience, acting as an empowerment booster, producing accurate, informed, brand-specific, prompts. Enlighten Copilot promotes smarter guided interactions, AI-driven personalised coaching and offloading of repetitive tasks, leading to better agent and customer experiences.
  • Enlighten Autopilot offers a new conversational AI approach to engage consumers based on trusted company knowledge while aligning each response with brand and business goals. When consumers interact with Enlighten Autopilot, it acts as the brand’s best employee, creating fully personalised experiences.
  • Enlighten Actions revolutionises CX leaders’ understanding of their operations and enables them to take action by combining Enlighten’s highly specialised AI models for CX, the latest Generative AI technology, and industry benchmarks. Enlighten Actions proactively pinpoints optimal areas for automation and leverages CXone’s suite of advanced applications to carry out the associated activity.

“NICE is committed to helping organisations with today’s growing need for decision velocity and the creation of personalisation at scale,” said Barry Cooper, President, CX Division,

“NICE is writing the next page in CX innovation by bringing the benefits of AI in a trusted, enterprise-grade manner to empower human-friendly conversations that create exceptional experiences for consumers, employees and executives.”

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About NICE

NICE NICE is a leading global enterprise software provider that enables organizations to improve customer experience and business results, ensure compliance and fight financial crime. Their mission is to help customers build and strengthen their reputation by uncovering customer insight, predicting human intent and taking the right action to improve their business.

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Published On: 6th Jun 2023
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