Five9 Announces Partnership With Bolt Data

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The Five9 Global Partner Ecosystem is an extremely important facet of Five9’s holistic operation. We value our partners greatly, and we make sure to choose partners who align with our vision to help organizations reimagine their customer experience strategy.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve recently entered a teaming agreement with Bolt Data. 

Both Bolt Data and Five9 are steadfast in our commitment to innovation and to leading change as the service industry evolves. Both organizations understand how to help service leaders stay at the forefront of emerging technologies that can improve customer satisfaction and efficiency. 

With the understanding that advancements like artificial intelligence and seamless integrations of backend systems are key to service success, Five9 and Bolt Data are equipped to help organizations of all sizes better understand their CX strategy. 

When we think of things like enabling 100% remote workforces within days or empowering agents to provide outstanding customer experiences with the help of their technology stack, we imagine a world where adaptability to evolving customer demands becomes not only possible, but easy. And that’s due not only to the technology, but to the folks who know how to get companies up and running with it.  

As Allan Alexopulos, Managing Director of Bolt Data, put it, “Our customers need remote work options more than ever, and the contact centre supports that need. Five9’s trusted out-of-the-box solution is a natural fit to add to our complete service solution offerings here at Bolt Data.

“We’re looking forward to sailing toward new horizons with Five9.”

Well said, Allan. 

Bolt Data and Five9’s purposes are interwoven. They both understand that the contact centre truly is the new front door to your business, building upon a foundation of service pillars that enable companies to not only reimagine the way they provide customer experiences, but realize tangible results from their CX transformation.  

Five9 are looking forward to what’s next on the horizon, whether in technology innovation or growth in a respectable partnership like the one they’ve entered with Bolt Data. 

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Published On: 7th Jul 2021 - Last modified: 13th Jul 2021
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