Recorded Webinar: Seven Strategies to Improve Adherence and Attendance

Penny Reynolds (Director of the Call Center School), Chris Dealy and Dean Couchman discussed seven strategies that can make a significant impact on adherence and attendance.


  • Introductions – Jonty Pearce, Call Centre Helper
  • Strategies – Penny Reynolds, Call Center School, Chris Dealy, injixo and Dean Couchman, injixo

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  • Your tips

Winning tip – “The best one for us is to use break balls so that you can control how many go at any one time, we then take break times out of adherence.” thanks to Jamie.

All the tips from the audience have now been turned into an article Top tips for improving attendance and adherence

  • Interactive Q&A – Live questions from the audience

Topics to be discussed

  • Defining the Adherence Problem
  • Quantifying the Costs of Lost Time
  • Ways to Measure Adherence
  • Setting Realistic Adherence Goals
  • Gaining Employee Buy-In
  • Increasing Agent Involvement and Empowerment
  • Using Tools to Adherence and Employee Satisfaction

Original Webinar date: January 2014

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