GCI Launches a New Cloud-Based Contact Centre Solution

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Converged ICT Services Provider GCI has launched the GCI Cloud Contact Centre, a cloud-based solution designed to improve and streamline the contact centre experience.

The solution is based on Microsoft’s Skype for Business and technology from Enghouse Interactive and is fully-managed and deployed from within GCI’s datacentre. It brings the ability to deploy an omni-channel contact centre capability to the mass market for the first time in the UK.

Previously, deploying an omni-channel capability of this type has been challenging. Licensing has been geared towards a minimum number of seats and implementations technically complex. However, the GCI solution provides complete flexibility on licensing, with contact centre managers able to scale operations up or down.

Andrew Leatherland

Andrew Leatherland, contact centre Product Manager at GCI explains: “The cost of running a contact centre has traditionally been high. It has also been challenging to scale up operations when faced with high demand. My favourite example is that of a University.”

“Normally they might need a contact centre of 20 people yet come clearing they might need 500 seats. This younger demographic is also likely to use a variety of different channels to reach an organisation, adding to this complexity.”

Leatherland continues: “With GCI we ensure that the customer/agent has the capability to capture all interactions, regardless of channel.”

“In relation to agent numbers, our solution enables customers to manage their own agent volumes geared around their work load not license purchases, the GCI solution just flexes up, based on utilisation, we manage the licenses and technical aspects for the customer, allowing the customer to focus on their requirements.”

The benefits for the public are significant – every customer receives the same level of service regardless of whether they choose to contact an organisation by phone, email, chat, social media, video, or text.

Using the inbuilt omni-channel queuing enables organisations to route, manage and measure all types of contacts using one workflow engine. Both agents and customers can therefore choose their channel as well as having the option to move between channels. For example, from instant message to screen sharing, or from voice to video.

Additionally, because the solution can automatically populate the screen with customer information from CRM systems on answering a call, the agent is not going into a call blind when responding to an enquiry. This has a positive effect on the customer as the agent now has prior knowledge of previous and current interactions with the caller. GCI estimates this can save on average 15 seconds per call.

With a wealth of experience in Skype for Business, GCI has deployed thousands of contact centre seats in an array of sectors including Law Firms, Not-for-profit, Universities and Local Government, elevating GCI to the top tier of UK Service Providers capable of delivering the solution at scale.

Leatherland concludes: “Ultimately, we are offering flexibility, with the goal to provide an improved customer and agent experience. This applies to the channel used by the customer right down to the where the agent is based.”

“We genuinely believe this removes all barriers that have hitherto made running multi-channel contact centres problematic and expensive.”

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 18th Apr 2018 - Last modified: 18th Mar 2024
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