Hammer Google Dialogflow Transformer Added to Suite of Testing Solutions

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Hammer has announced it has added Hammer Google Dialogflow Transformer to its suite of self-service testing solutions.

The new testing tool opens up exciting possibilities for conversational AI user journey design using Google AI contact centre’s Diagflow which enables contact centres to build IVR and chatbot interfaces for richer customer conversations.

With Hammer Google Dialogflow DevOps teams can create – and validate – thousands of user journeys in hours rather than days and weeks, giving contact centres total confidence that every AI-driven natural language customer interaction will be successful.

By saving countless hours of test script creation time, it allows the tester to focus on pinpointing and correcting defects to provide flawless customer experiences.

Kurt Dahlstrand, Director, Technical Sales & Services at Hammer commented:

Google Cloud contact centre AI, enables users to design conversational self-service applications that are not menu-driven like traditional IVR applications, but allow users to explain their inquiry to a voice bot.

The challenge is to test and validate thousands of unique customer journeys that are natural language AI-driven. Hammer has solved the challenge, enabling contact centres to realize the full potential of Google Dialogflow Transformer with minimal risk.”

Hammer Google Dialogflow Transformer drastically reduces the time and effort required for testers to build a repository of Quality Assurance (QA) test scripts. It does this by integrating with Dialogflow’s API to automate the extraction of the intents and utterances of a Dialogflow CX Project from the source design.

DevOps teams no longer have to build individual regression test scripts for each possible customer journey, since Hammer Transformer automates the entire process.

A drag and drop interface enable users to activate test scripts for literally thousands of customer journeys, ensuring each customer experience is flawless.

John D’Anna, President of Hammer commented:

“Hammer is proud to be announcing another milestone in automated testing. Conversational AI has enormous power to transform customer service by extending the capabilities of self-service.

With Hammer Google Dialogflow Transformer contact centres can now take full advantage of the operational efficiencies to be gained from AI, with complete assurance that self-service user journeys will be completed as intended.”

The Transformer suite of solutions supports both Nuance Application Studio and Cisco Call Studio, as well as a universal CSV format, all of which enable testers to extract user journeys from existing call flow designs and immediately use within the Hammer Cloud Platform.

This approach streamlines and unifies contact centre application development efforts with test script development efforts, creating massive time savings which can repurposed with more extensive and sophisticated testing.

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Published On: 28th Jun 2023
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