How Intraday Automation Differs from WFM Software

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In this episode of QStory’s Dear Dave, the focus will be on how Intraday Automation compliments but crucially differs from Workforce Management software.

Your WFM system may show you your demand vs supply plan on any given day. But only QStory provides you with a list of recommended redeployments that you can make to overcome any service level or productivity challenges. And only QStory can automate these redeployments and automatically update schedules at the same time

Your WFM system may allow Team Leaders to book offline time for their teams without referring to the Real Time team for authorisation. But only QStory has the most up to date view of both demand and supply available to it, allowing it to make correct decisions and avoid tons of manual rework.

Your WFM system may come with an Agent App that allows agents to view schedules and request changes to shifts and breaks. But only QStory predicts the impact that those changes will have on maintaining service levels.

With QStory, every agent request is automatically and immediately assessed against the expected demand for that period and it only approves requests that don’t impact your ability to deliver the best customer experience.

And your WFM system doesn’t produce instant, automatic reports, handle Real Time Adherence monitoring automatically, allow agents to manage their own mental wellbeing or manage time owed to agents automatically.

Your WFM system is awesome at being a WFM system – but it does not offer Intraday Automation. Only QStory offers true Intraday Automation that delivers business-enhancing transformation.

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QStory QStory are the pioneers of Intraday Automation (IDA). Their mission is to create a better everyday life for customer service professionals by helping them to work in a happier, more engaging and productive environment.

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Author: QStory

Published On: 5th Sep 2023
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