How to Deliver an Amazing (Versus Unamazing) Customer Experience

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Laura Bassett at NICE outlines how to deliver an amazing versus unamazing customer experience.

The increase of digital touchpoints in consumer behavior in recent years is not a new revelation. From searching on Google and browsing websites to using apps and clicking through social media, the bulk of our day-to-day has been spent online with information at our fingertips (or at the click of our mouse).

Because of the speed of digital, customers’ patience is at ‘ground zero’ for navigating the web to get the help they need to make a purchase, get a product fixed, or use a company’s service.

Consumers now expect personalized, high-level treatment as they learn from other companies what great customer service looks like.

Agents’ expectations to be able to provide quality service have also progressed. They strive to deliver the level of support that customers seek without feeling as though they’re being held back, overmanaged, or under-enabled.

With hybrid work here to stay, agents also want flexible schedules to minimize burnout and improve their overall work-life balance.

Successful customer service hinges on both providing exceptional support to customers and empowering agents; and is what separates an amazing customer experience from an unamazing one.

I recently had a great conversation with Shep Hyken on his ‘Amazing Business’ radio show to discuss the need to provide amazing customer experiences in an increasingly digital world.

Using a digital-first approach, companies can meet customers at any touchpoint of their support journey, helping to reduce the frustration felt when endlessly searching for answers.

Consumers are a DIY community that wants the tools they need to be readily available. It’s important to have a customer service number or online chat link that is easy to find, and once contact has been established, that the customer is not transferred from agent to agent and repeating information.

I had my own experience with this not too long ago and it opened my eyes as to how much work still needs to be done to fix this problem.

Businesses today have the data needed to ensure proactive customer-agent communication. In 2023, we’ll start to see organizations prioritizing data-driven strategies, finally recognizing that the way they can regularly connect with customers isn’t just via calls, but by using various digital channels in their strategy.

Through AI behavioral models based on billions of interactions and looking at past customer support experiences, companies can predict what their customers will need when they contact them.

They’ll also use data to deliver self-service options that create a frictionless experience for everyone involved, leading to both customer and employee retention.

The increased focus on creating a better work environment for customer support employees will lead to a more ‘humanized’ contact centre.

Treating agents like executives and providing them with the right knowledge and CX software will help them to deliver the level of service they want to offer, and the level of service customers expect. And that, truly, is what makes an amazing customer experience for all.

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Published On: 19th Dec 2022 - Last modified: 12th Jun 2024
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