IrisCX Revolutionizes Customer Service with Session Score

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IrisCX has introduced Session Score, a real-time, AI-based customer satisfaction measurement tool that helps contact centers improve their service quality.

Session Score gathers information about a customer’s satisfaction level in real time during a video call rather than relying on after-the-fact customer surveys and customer loyalty measures. Session Score is a new feature of the IrisCX platform that is revolutionizing customer service.

“With traditional metrics like NPS and CSAT, contact center leaders can only rely on information from a small percentage of customers who provide feedback,” said Eradj Khaidarov, CTO of IrisCX.

“By analyzing every interaction, we can provide a comprehensive score that truly reflects the customer’s actual experience. This allows customer experience leaders to make better decisions based on real-time data.”

Session Score measures factors that impact customer satisfaction including sentiment analysis and tone of voice along with measuring performance of standard operating processes. By analyzing every customer interaction the score truly reflects the customer’s experience.

The technology integrates with customers’ existing tech stacks, and can be integrated into existing agent toolsets.

Gartner expects contact center investment in customer service innovation to grow to $38.9 billion in 2027.

Why NPS and CSAT Scores Aren’t Enough

Brands have learned the hard way that Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores don’t reflect every customer interaction since only a fraction of their customers’ feedback is collected after the fact.

With Session Score, contact center leaders can actively detect outliers in their sales and service operations instead of simply relying on averages.

Using a library of customer interactions, IrisCX AI technology can produce Session Scores retroactively by analyzing historical data, and a slew of metrics that uncover new insights. IrisCX AI can also identify coaching moments automatically so organizations don’t have to search through thousands of hours of audio and video to find them.

“You can successfully turn contact center agents into product and service experts, which is a step change in how contact centers operate,” said Khaidarov.

Why Contact Centers Need to Embrace AI

Contact center technologies were originally designed to improve customer satisfaction since PBX solutions failed.

While it helps to access customer records and playbooks that explain what an agent should do given a client’s specific problem, these processes have neither been comprehensive enough nor available fast enough for agents to provide the instantaneous assistance customers expect.

More modernly, brands have used social networks such as Facebook groups, Reddit, and YouTube to support customers. However, those and other social networks can also be used to distribute viral content promoting a negative brand experience.

While intelligent virtual assistants and chatbots are commonly used to solve tier-one issues, customers rate customer service higher when they can have face-to-face interactions with an expert.

Applying AI in the contact center enables agents to better solve customer problems, get real time feedback from customers and provides richer data and deeper insights for customer experience leaders.

What Makes IrisCX a Game-Changer

With IrisCX, live-guided experiences help experts lead customers through sales and service triage. There’s no need to install software or register for this kind of support. Instead, customers can simply connect with an expert via their smartphone with a single click.

IrisCX’s video product experience is a one-of-a-kind smart video first that creates a seamless connection between a customer and a brand. Customers simply need to capture an issue with their phone instead of filling out forms or following web links.

Similarly, IrisCX’s Video Inspection product is a unique solution for home builders that helps manage warranty processes. Homeowners love it because they can simply point their phone at the problem and click a couple of buttons to document the defect, instead of waiting days for a truck roll.

One major benefit of the IrisCX platform is that it empowers anyone to become an expert. This is especially important for large customer contact center operations that face high churn rates.

Retaining staff can be a costly problem, but with IrisCX, experts have the necessary tools to effectively service customers. Its built-in reporting feature allows for easy progress tracking and training identification.

IrisCX provides the data retention, privacy, scalability and security that enterprises demand. Customers also have the option to take advantage of secure storage and sharing, giving users control over their digital content. With IrisCX, organizations can see who has accessed content, when they accessed it, and what they viewed.

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 13th Jul 2023
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