Jabra Engage AI Integrates With storm’s Sentiment Analysis

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Jabra and Content Guru have announced the integration of the sentiment analysis software Jabra Engage AI into the storm platform.

The Engage AI solution developed by Jabra uses artificial intelligence to analyse tone of voice in real time. As a result, organizations are able to better understand and support their agents and in turn improve customer and agent experiences.

The addition of Jabra Engage AI further extends storm’s existing sentiment analysis capabilities and supports agents both working remotely and in physical contact centres. Understanding sentiment analysis is even more critical with the rise of hybrid working and remote agents.

The real-time tone analysis gives engaging, motivating feedback to agents and personalized, data-driven insights to supervisors, without the need for transcribing and recording. Since the solution launched in September 2022, 86% of supervisors felt better connected to their teams thanks to Engage AI.

Attendees at Customer Contact Week (CCW) Asia in Singapore and CCW Las Vegas will have the chance to demo the solution. A demo of Jabra Engage AI and its storm integration will be available exclusively on the Content Guru stand (stand 05) at CCW Asia between June 13th and 16th.

Further demos will be available with Content Guru (stand 103) and Jabra (stand 535) at CCW Las Vegas between June 19th and 22nd, where the product has been shortlisted as a finalist for ‘Most Disruptive Technology of the Year’.

Andreas Orebo Wenzel, Head of Call Centric Business Unit at Jabra, commented: “We’re thrilled Engage AI will be available to Content Guru customers through the storm platform. Since its launch, customers using Engage AI have reported shorter, better calls with more motivated, self-aware agents.

“Synergizing the capabilities of storm with Engage AI enables organizations to reap the benefits of our enterprise-grade cloud technology and innovative real-time tone analysis.”

The integration is available now and can be purchased as an extension to storm’s existing capabilities. All user devices require the installation of the Jabra Engage AI SDK and a compatible headset. All leading headsets are compatible with Engage AI, including Jabra’s entire headset collection.

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Published On: 1st Jun 2023 - Last modified: 6th Jun 2023
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