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Date: 09 May 2024, 12:00 – 13:00

Location: Virtual

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Do you remember the phrase work-life balance? Popular many years ago, it is making a resurgence as mental health and wellbeing become mainstream, and reports of burnout hit an all-time high.

79% of British adults are reporting to be stressed at least once per month, nearly half of UK workers are close to burnout, up by 48% in 2023, and returning to the office and social life changes are resulting in 42% of people feeling more exhausted than ever before. Something has to give before more days are lost due to stress.

With the current economic situation, the pressure is on for contact centres to increase productivity, to get more out of the resources that they have. Productivity has been in the spotlight in the contact centre for a long time.

The focus has been on monitoring and measuring many KPIs to get the most out of every second, or implementing technology to improve efficiencies and speed up processes.

Maybe it’s time to look at the productivity of the individual colleague in a different way.

We’ll explore how to create a culture where productivity and wellbeing thrive together. Hosted by Leigh Hopwood, CEO at CCMA, she’ll discuss with a panel of experts and industry leaders, including Peter Lonsdale, HR Consultant at McDonald’s, and Chris Dealy, WFM Evangelist at injixo, how technology can be used to support this strategy, the practical operational approaches you can take to improve occupancy* and how industry leaders are improving communication and promoting healthy lifestyle choices to make a difference.

Register for this online seminar for ideas and inspiration to help your contact centre and those that work in it thrive, including you!

*Occupancy within a contact centre of 75% means that its advisors are spending three-quarters of their time doing call-related activities. Where occupancy levels exceed 90% this can lead to advisor burnout as this means little or no time in between calls.

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Published On: 19th Apr 2024 - Last modified: 10th May 2024
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