Masterclass: The Better Alternative to Real-Time QA​

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Date: 29 May 2024, 2:00PM BST

Location: Virtual

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Real-time QA is having a bit of a moment – but is it really the best way to help develop your agents?

We’re going to interrogate whether this level of agent assistance can really have the desired impact on your customer – and employee – experience, and what alternatives are out there.​

In this masterclass you’ll learn:​

  • What is real-time QA? Why is it in demand?​
  • The challenges and pitfalls of real-time QA​
  • A better, more tangible alternative: AI-driven coaching​
  • What AI-driven coaching looks like in action
  • How to implement AI-driven coaching in your contact center​

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Published On: 17th Apr 2024 - Last modified: 3rd May 2024
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