Merkle Launches Global Accelerator for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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Merkle has announced the launch of its new global accelerator for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, which enables brands to achieve a modern composable, API-first architecture faster.

Developed to work with Contentful and Magnolia, the accelerator extends Salesforce Commerce Cloud and streamlines integration of one of the world’s leading commerce with enterprise content management platforms.

With this new accelerator, Merkle continues to scale its global leadership in implementing eCommerce technology.

By joining forces with Contentful and Magnolia, Merkle enables businesses to implement enterprise-ready headless content management capabilities with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

The new accelerator drives improved time to market, a future-ready technology architecture, and greater innovation in front-end consumer experience.

It allows brands to manage front-end site experience and web content through the content management platform, in addition to user experience functionality. This reduces the initial front-end development work for brands to implement a headless architecture.

“Launching our global composable accelerator for Salesforce with Contentful and Magnolia is a significant milestone for Merkle,” said Holden Bale, global head of Experience & Commerce at Merkle.

“We’ve done a great deal of work in the content and commerce space, especially around modern API-led eCommerce and experience architectures.

But the challenge of technology modernization for many brands has been the complexity of implementation and the realization of true value for their business and consumers.

Our new accelerator provides a comprehensive solution to reduce risk and cost centered around two of the best modular enterprise content management systems in the world.

This accelerator reaffirms Merkle’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and driving business growth.”

The accelerator brings together Merkle’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud expertise and modern content management platforms Contentful and Magnolia, and is supported by Merkle’s global design system to expedite design and provide best-in-class brand experience components.

This gives businesses the tools to create and deliver exceptional digital commerce experiences while reducing cost and time to implement composable architectures.

Merkle’s accelerator is also tailored to help brands deliver compelling, real-time commerce experiences on a global level.

“At Salesforce, we take great pride in powering flexible, digital commerce experiences for some of the world’s most successful brands,” said Michael Affronti, GM of Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

“As headless architectures continue to evolve in service of exceptional customer experience, we’re evolving with it, and we are thrilled to see Merkle’s investment in this space too — reducing complexity and accelerating time to value for brands.”

“As an early pioneer of composability, we’ve seen the market moving steadily towards the understanding that an enterprise needs more than an off-the-shelf digital platform,” said Tim Brown, CEO of Magnolia.

“We’re excited to support the new lobal ommerce ccelerator for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, helping our users get past trade-offs in functionality, flexibility, and cost to focus on fully integrated customer experiences and faster digital delivery.”

“Today, content is the customer experience, and composable content is what enables brands to elevate digital experiences and provide them at scale,” said Steve Sloan, CEO, Contentful.

“This partnership with Merkle is a reflection of our dedication to helping enterprises transition to modern, composable solutions to compete in this digital-first world and help brands go to market faster.”

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 8th Sep 2023
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