Natterbox Integrate Automated Payment System Into Telephony Platform

Natterbox have announced that they have fully integrated a highly secure, automated credit card payment service which meets the strict PCI DSS standards into their telephony platform.

The new service, developed in partnership with the market leader in secure voice payment services for business, PCI Pal, offers customers an extra level of data security and compliance by allowing them to connect directly and seamlessly to the card payment network to make payments while on a call.

With heightened concern around data security in the GDPR era, the move means that customers will now be able to use their credit card to make payments over the phone in a thoroughly secure way, as Natterbox removes the need for them to give away their details to call centre agents.

Instead, they will now be able to type their credit card details into the keypad directly, while staying connected to the agent over the phone, ensuring minimal disruption. The details will then be automatically passed on to their credit card provider without any intervention from Natterbox or the call agent.

Keeping the customer connected to the agent through the voice channel ensures that the agent is able to deal with any issue arising, as agents will be able to follow the payment process within their CRM, without seeing the credit card information. This allows agents to provide a service that is 100% customer-centric.

Neil Burgess, CTO at Natterbox, says: “This system brings PCI compliance to the next level. Before, when customers wanted to make a payment over the phone, they had to give their credit card details to an agent or be sent to another system which would disrupt the call and the audit trail. This incurred a risk of rogue agents causing breaches, as customers had no certainty that the agents would use and store their details in a PCI compliant way.”

“Through our integration with PCI Pal, we’ve removed that risk, meaning both the customer and the business can ensure maximum security of the data.”

James Barham, Chief Executive Officer at PCI Pal, adds: “The recent number of high-profile security breaches have ensured that card payment security is an increasingly important consideration for consumers today.”

“Beyond simple compliance with PCI DSS standards, consumer-facing businesses must demonstrate that they prioritise the security and privacy of their customers if they want to ensure long-term loyalty. We are delighted to be partnering with Natterbox following the successful integration.”

The PCI solution is fully integrated, meaning that calls are recorded end-to-end, offering greater transparency. Driven by customer demand, this integration is representative of the increasing awareness around data retention and use by businesses, and Natterbox is expecting rapid uptake by its customers.

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Published On: 16th Oct 2018
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