North West Contact Centre award winners announced


Over 350 guests attended the North West Contact Centre Awards ceremony conducted by Paul Cooper.

“Contact centres are driving the customer experience through more channels than ever before. The growth of social media, mobile apps and virtual and real-time assistance is contributing to the need for a highly skilled and competent workforce. The awards are the perfect way to recognise this excellence and capture the essence of this vibrant sector,” said Alison Hitchen, Project Manager at CallNorthWest.

The following awards were presented at this year’s event:


Agent of the year

Winner – Michelle Fraser, Liverpool Housing Trust

Highly Commended – Mohammed Qureshi, New Charter Housing Trust Group

North-West-CC-AwardsAgent-Winner-510 North-West-CC-Awards-Agent-HC-510

Team Leader of the Year

Winner – Toni Morris, Paymentshield

Highly Commended – Rebecca Pilkington, Paymentshield, and Roxanne Bacon, New Charter Housing Trust Group

North-West-CC-Awards-Team-Leader-Winner-1-510 North-West-CC-Awards-Team-Leader-HC-510

Support Person of the Year

Winner – Mark Davies, MODern Housing Solutions

Highly Commended – Stephen Whittaker, Liverpool Housing Trust

North-West-CC-Awards-Support-Person-Winner-1-510 North-West-CC-Awards-Support-Person-HC-510

Contact Centre Manager of the Year

Winner – Csilla Szabo-Eri, Bosch Communication Centre

Highly Commended – Greg Suligowski, New Charter Housing Trust Group

North-West-CC-Awards-Contact-Centre-Manager-Winner-1-510 North-West-CC-Awards-Contact-Centre-Manager-HC-510

Senior Manager of the Year

Winner – Cath Owston, New Charter Housing Trust Group



Best Contact Centre Solution of the Year

Winner –

Highly Commended – Cheshire West & Cheshire Council

North-West-CC-AwardsBest-Contact-Centre-Solution-Winner-1-510 North-West-CC-AwardsBest-Contact-Centre-Solution-HC-510

Best Training Programme of the Year

Winner – Tesco Mobile

Highly Commended – Ageas Insurance Solution

North-West-CC-Awards-Best-Training-Programme-Winner-1-510 North-West-CC-AwardsBest-Training-Programme-HC-510

Best Customer Experience Programme

Winner – Findel Education

Highly Commended – RSA Motability

North-West-CC-Awards-Best-Customer-Experience-Winner-1-510 North-West-CC-Awards-Best-Customer-Experience-HC-510

Support Team of the Year

Winner – Change and Innovation Team, Serco

Highly Commended – Operational Change Team, Paymentshield Ltd

North-West-CC-Awards-Support-Team-Winner-1-510 North-West-CC-Awards-Support-Team-HC-510

Frontline Team of the Year

Winner – PWSS Team, RSA

Highly Commended – The Retentions Team, Paymentshield Ltd

North-West-CC-Awards-Frontline-Team-Winner-1-510 North-West-CC-Awards-Frontline-Team-HC-510

Contact Centre of the Year (under 100 seats)

Winner – Liverpool Housing Trust

Highly Commended – New Charter Housing Trust Group

North-West-CC-Awards-Contact-Centre-under-100-seats-Winner-1-510 North-West-CC-Awards-Contact-Centre-under-100-seats-HC-510

Contact Centre of the Year (over 100 seats)

Winner – British Gas, Debt Operations

Highly Commended – The TalkTalk & HGS Retentions and Loyalty Centre of Excellence

North-West-CC-Awards-Contact-Centre-over-100-Winner-1-510 North-West-CC-Awards-Contact-Centre-over-100-HC-510

Published On: 30th Oct 2013 - Last modified: 12th Dec 2018
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