Is On-Screen Clutter Getting in the Way of Good Customer Service?

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Colin Hay of Puzzel shares five ways in which you can improve your advisor experience by reducing on-screen clutter.

Automating business processes and providing a clearer view of what really matters certainly makes life easier in terms of delivering customer service. However, just as the advent of electronic communications failed to deliver on the promise of the paperless office, contact centres are still required to deal with online administration, which is often a major barrier to delivering an exceptional customer experience (CX).

In fact, recent research by Call Centre Helper in the UK has highlighted that contact centres waste over 40% of their time handling administrative tasks instead of servicing customers.

Much of this time is spent by agents switching between screens and on post-contact wrap-up, updating different enterprise systems. The same research showed that less than 10% of contact centres integrate their customer communication channels.

It’s time to tidy up the desktop. The first step towards revitalising the contact centre is to get rid of the clutter. The next step is to take a fresh look at the humble agent interface.

Amazingly, it is often overlooked and yet it offers the perfect decluttering solution when supported by the right technology. Recent advancements in agent applications mean they are becoming more easily accessible, crystal clear and simple to use. They also help agents to clean up their own messy screens to produce a single contextual view of customer interactions by bringing together all channels and systems into one place.

The answer to five-star service is literally staring you in the face. Make the most of today’s agent applications to:

1. Welcome in a Brand-New Widget Concept

New agent desktop applications remove on-screen clutter by supporting direct integration between enterprise systems and agent screens through widgets. Customisable and flexible, widgets allow every agent to be presented with the information and functionality most relevant to them in any given situation without switching screens or resorting to pop-ups.

This provides a single view of customer conversations that increases agent confidence, empowering them to provide a highly personalised and satisfying customer experience at all times. Look for a vendor that offers a collection of ready-made widgets for faster set-up and effective in-house training.

2. Allow Easy Switching Between Customer Enquiries

The superior functionality of today’s agent applications means that each customer interaction is handled via a separate tab which is opened automatically. This provides easy switching between channels and customer enquiries, whatever the channel, while allowing agents to deal with multiple simultaneous interactions.

Agents can even customise their screens and highlight the functionality tabs they use most frequently, such as queue overview, queue details and personal queues as well as identity and verification tabs for specific partners or customers.

3. Extend Social Media Capabilities

Modern agent interfaces enable contact centres to become more flexible and responsive by providing a far greater choice of social media communications options for customers.

For example, they link directly to the latest WhatsApp Messenger and consumer review website They can also scale readily to add new channels rapidly as they appear on the social media networking scene.

4. Integrate With Partner Systems for Vital Information

New agent desktop applications connect effortlessly to selected third parties and knowledge bases, vastly accelerating an agent’s ability to solve user or product queries from one single user interface.

Information on orders, stock availability and delivery times is instantly available. What is more, today’s agent screens support co-browsing to enable simultaneous viewing of products while dealing with a customer’s enquiry.

5. Future Proof for an Omnichannel Experience

Colin Hay

Colin Hay

Look for a vendor with a forward-thinking approach to product development. The best agent applications have been developed with the future in mind, as customers demand a sophisticated, seamless service from contact centres. They should support a variety of customer communication channels, systems and advances in softphone that enable companies to provide a complete customer experience that meets the requirements of today and tomorrow.

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