Outsourcing CX: Navigating Today’s Top Challenges and What’s Coming

Execs in the Know Outsourcing CX: Navigating Today's Top Challenges and What's Coming Event Banner

Date : Thursday 2nd November 2023
Location : Texas

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In the ever-evolving world of Outsourcing, change is the only constant. As we approach 2024, we find ourselves in an intriguing state of flux.

This Briefing is for CX leaders, by CX leaders. Whether you’re focused on leveling up, shifting your CX focus, or vetting a new BPO, this is the place to have those critical conversations with your peers.

The Executive Briefing Will Cover a Range of Outsourcing Topics, Including:

  • Nearshore, offshore, hybrid, and Geo markets: Exploring the right combination for your organization.
  • Shifting sands of the complex consumer landscape: The generational divide.
  • Contracts, Budgets, and ROI: How are organizations adjusting budgets, maintaining internal operations, adjusting to the impacts of AI, and relying on BPOs to meet structured service-level agreements?
  • Designing the customer journey to agent success: Are your outsourced agents working from home or in physical locations? What’s your corporate strategy? How does Outsourcing fit into the ever-changing labor market?
  • Improving BPO/Vendor Relationships: Cultural alignment in selecting Outsourcing partners. How are brands leveraging and strengthening resources?

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Published On: 15th Sep 2023
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