Overcome the Top 5 Contact Center QA Challenges with AI – Webinar

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Date: 30th May 2024

Time: 7am PDT | 10am EDT

Location: Virtual

As a contact center manager, you are under enormous pressure. To be more efficient. To provide outstanding customer service. To gather VoC insights. But, you have a lot of cards stacked against you:

  • You have very limited visibility (you can only evaluate a tiny fraction of calls manually),
  • Your QA processes don’t scale easily,
  • You are drowning in data, yet are starving for insights,
  • Your agents become disengaged and frustrated, resulting in high turnover, and
  • You don’t know where to start selecting tools to help you automate your contact center processes.

In the 60-minute live webinar, we draw from over a decade of experience working with hundreds of organizations around the globe as we discuss the top challenges contact centers face regarding quality management and how to overcome them.

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Author: Jo Robinson

Published On: 6th May 2024
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