25% Industry Professionals Believe a Giving a Good Customer Experience Costs Less



According to our poll, a quarter of contact centre professionals believe that providing a good customer experience does not have to cost more, in fact, they believe it can cost less.

However, the majority agreed that it indeed costs more, with 43% of participants in our poll confirming that they felt that way.

Poll – “Does it cost more or less to give a good customer experience?” – answers

  • It costs a lot more – 9%
  • It costs more – 34%
  • About the same – 32%
  • It costs less – 20%
  • It costs a lot less – 5%

Source: Call Centre Helper webinar: How to Transform your Customer Experience in Your Current Budget     Sample size – 83     Date: November 2012

Published On: 5th Dec 2012 - Last modified: 18th Feb 2020
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