Allocating a Specified Team is the Most Common Way to Handle Webchat


Whilst half of contact centres are yet to deploy webchat, the majority of the remaining 50% focus a seperate team on the duty.

Although it could be argued that it is more efficient to multi skill advisors, so webchat is less likely to be devalued, only 18% of contact centres do. This is most likely due to the costs involved in multiskilling advisors.

Poll – Is web chat handled by a separate team? – answers

22% – Yes, separate team
9% – Yes, when not on phones
18% – No, we have a multi-skilled team
50% – We don’t do web chat

Source: Call Centre Helper webinar: The best ways to deal with web chat and email     Sample size – 163     Date: March 2013

Published On: 11th Nov 2013 - Last modified: 18th Feb 2020
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