Poly Conference Phone Integrates With Amazon Chime and Alexa

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Poly have announced the integration of two Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions – Amazon Chime and Alexa for Business – with the Trio conference phone.

The combination of these products can deliver an elevated meeting experience for users, offering new voice commands to manage meetings and activate third-party devices. To help workers be more productive in the office and on-the-go, Voyager 4200 UC headsets will feature Alexa Built-in.

“Poly is on a mission to build bridges with the leading companies in voice, video cloud technology and beyond,” said Cary Bran, senior vice president and chief strategy office.

“By leveraging Amazon Web Services, we can continue to offer crisp visuals and clear audio across multiple business ecosystems and devices so that our users can focus on communication – not the technology.”

“We’re eager to bring Poly devices to a wider customer set while sharing new features with existing users.”

“Alexa for Business helps customers use voice to simplify meeting rooms, and we have been working with Poly to make the meeting experience even simpler by integrating Amazon Alexa into Trio devices,” said Collin Davis, General Manager at Alexa for Business, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

“With this integration, customers can start using Amazon Alexa with their existing Trio devices without having to add additional hardware to their meeting rooms.”

“At University of Arizona we are committed to technology innovation and driving efficiencies in the way we work. We have a goal to simplify our meeting room experiences, with zero-touch when possible.” said Derek Masseth, Chief Technology Officer, University IT Services (UITS), University of Arizona.

“As a customer, we are very excited that Trio and Alexa for Business are integrated to enable a hands-free, voice-driven experience across all our conference rooms.”

Amazon Chime and Alexa for Business With Polycom Trio

Poly is leveraging AWS to enable the ultimate voice-activated meeting experience in conference rooms and the future of the workplace.

With Amazon Alexa on Trio, users can access all Alexa for Business skills to start and end meetings, and book rooms, as well as build private skills for their own meeting environments.

Amazon Alexa is also integrated with third-party applications such as Skype for Business, Zoom, BlueJeans, and Cisco WebEx.

Alexa for Business calendars and Amazon Chime meetings will sync with and display meeting schedules on Trio, which includes a convenient click-to-join function.

Alexa Built-in with Voyager 4200 UC

With the integration of Alexa into Voyager 4200 UC, workers now have access to their own voice assistant to get more done.

Just tap-and-ask, and Amazon Alexa will respond so users can focus on their tasks at hand. Voyager 4200 UC headsets will integrate with Plantronics Manager Pro, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription (sold separately) so IT professionals can choose to enable or disable users’ ability to register their headsets with Amazon Alexa.

The integration of Amazon Chime and Alexa for Business with Trio is expected to be available globally to Plantronics and AWS users in April 2019. The integration of Amazon Alexa into Voyager 4200 UC headsets is this spring.

To find out more about Poly, visit: www.poly.com

Published On: 25th Mar 2019 - Last modified: 26th Mar 2019
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