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Technical support in any industry is often a painful process for customers, both internal and external to the company.

But rather than seeing this step as simply having to solve a problem or malfunction, the most successful companies are focused on using this specific point in the customer relationship to provide a memorable experience.

Technical assistance is the perfect opportunity for a company to build trust with its customers, by responding to their request for support as quickly and efficiently as possible, especially in the event of a breakdown or major malfunction.

It allows you to deliver customer satisfaction on the immediate issue but also to go much further: by reliably offering high-quality technical support, with expert customer relations advisors using the best technology (“augmented” agents), you can delight your customers and turn your detractors into ambassadors.

An Intelligent Technical Support Service

While investments in new communication technologies used to be made every 3 to 5 years, today the pace has accelerated to every 5 or 6 months, making it difficult for any company to remain constantly at the cutting edge of technology.

However, these technological solutions are essential to provide customers with a quality service, especially when it comes to support and technical assistance.

Calling on a service provider allows you to benefit from the latest technologies: process automation, bots, self-care, remote video assistance solutions or diagnostic/resolution solutions based on artificial intelligence.

It means helping your customers to make better use of your services and products and guaranteeing them a quick and smooth resolution if they have any issues.

An Omnichannel Approach 

A successful helpdesk service should not be limited to a choice of contact channels. The challenge is to offer a seamless experience between the different channels, whether it is a call, mobile app, email or chat, or even contact at the point of sale or service.

In order to offer that, Comdata provides its clients with a unique technological platform dedicated to support and technical assistance, adapted to the specific needs and context of each business sector.

As a partner of Samsung for several years, the group assists the electronics giant in Latin America, with a team of 140 advisors and 20 dedicated managers, operating from Colombia in an omnichannel environment. website, telephone, chat, video call, email, SMS, social networks…

A live remote assistance application has even been specially developed to enhance the customer experience.

100% Passionate Teams

Comdata recruits expert advisors who are passionate about technology and customer relations. When they are not working from home, they work in a digital environment with “technical hubs” in order to develop a high level of knowledge of the services, solutions and products of the group’s client brands.

In addition, these technical teams can even work close to the customer’s premises for greater responsiveness and efficiency. This is the case with Telefonica, for which Comdata has deployed more than 500 technicians in support centres close to the Spanish telephone operator’s premises.

More and More Emerging Channels

Among the preferred channels for contacting customer service and technical assistance are, not surprisingly, the so-called classic channels: email, telephone, website, mail.

But in recent years, we have also seen growing usage of emerging channels: chat, chatbots, social networks or even mobile applications. Today, chatbots account for 19% of interactions with customer services, compared with 8% in 2018.

The same trend applies to mobile apps, which account for 15% of interactions (compared with 9% in 2018), social networks (13% in 2020 compared with 10% in 2018) and chat (28% compared with 24%).

In addition, 50% of customers plan to contact customer service remotely more often before going to their premises. All the more reasons for companies to provide innovative and omnichannel technical assistance!

Source: 2020 Customer Services Observatory, BVA

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Published On: 13th Jul 2021
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