Required Monthly Head Count Calculation

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Required Head Count Calculation

I have Historical Data show only the Offered calls per month 79291 Call and i have also AHT 602 Seconds , service level 85% within threshold 20 Second PCA Percentage desired 98% shift Length 9 HRS and i need to know how many staff who can handle these calls per day and on month noting that working days 23 and Occupancy 65% and utz 86%

Question asked by Mai

You Need to Work Out the Calls Per Day and Then Use Erlang

The easiest way to do this is to work out the number of calls per day.

Please bear in mind that call distribution is not even across the week. You may find something like 23% of calls happen on a Monday and 15% on a Friday.

You can then run it through and Erlang Calculator

With thanks to Jonty

So Would Be Circa 34…

so would be circa 3447 per day if all days equal (which they are unlikely to be as per Jonty’s note)

You say shift length is 9 hours – but are you open longer. On a 9 hour day that is 383 per hour.

That would mean an average 73 per hour. Allowing for lunch and breaks means around 85 per day at work plus shrinkage allowances – could easily be a team of circa 120

With thanks to John

You’ll Need to Maintain 129 FTE to Manage This Volume

Here we go:

Shift (Excl Break) 8 Hrs.

CPH 5.98

Chats per advisor per month 1100.33

With thanks to Abhishek

Author: Jonty Pearce

Published On: 12th Apr 2022 - Last modified: 29th Apr 2022
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