RingCentral Releases New Unified Desktop App

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RingCentral has announced the launch of the new RingCentral unified desktop app.

This new app is a reimagined user experience for enterprise communications available both on Windows PCs and Macs.

The new unified RingCentral desktop app provides a modern contextual and collaboration-centric app that includes RingCentral’s Message Video Phone (MVP) capabilities in a single solution for a streamlined experience.

“Organizations face the new reality of their entire workforce working from home,” said Will Moxley, chief product officer, RingCentral.

“Providing employees with communications solutions that enable them to be productive from any device, anywhere and on any mode of communication has become an absolute necessity for business continuity and success.”

“With the new desktop app, we’ve modernized and reimagined the user experience and taken productivity to the next level for the digital enterprise.”

Key new differentiators in the RingCentral desktop application include:

  • Real-time switching between modes of communication: The tight integration between Message, Video and Phone all in a single unified application enables users to seamlessly switch between these modes of communication.
  • Seamless switching of meetings between devices: The new RingCentral desktop app enables users to seamlessly switch from one device to another while participating in a video meeting.
  • Advanced search functionality: The new RingCentral desktop application offers advanced search functionality that enables users to search for messages directed to an individual user. Users can also filter their search results by an email address or team name, which makes the search functionality approximately 4X1 faster.
  • Third-party integrations: The application offers key calendar integrations with several business productivity applications such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google.

The clean and refreshed redesign of the RingCentral desktop application enables users to be more productive with a simplified experience.

“For enterprise communications users, easy-to-navigate solutions with a modern interface are a must-have,” said Fazil Balkaya, Principal Analyst at Synergy Research.

“But these users are on the go now more than ever, which means they also require a multi-modal application that works the way people truly work.”

“RingCentral’s new desktop application addresses this with fast and seamless call switching between desktop and mobile as well as including all the essential capabilities needed to communicate and collaborate in today’s digital enterprises.”

For more information about RingCentral, visit www.ringcentral.co.uk

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 7th May 2020 - Last modified: 12th May 2020
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